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#1 Highest std collee

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Highest std collee

This month, Trojan released its annual Sexual Health Report Card that includes the most sexually healthy universities as well as the worst schools. She explains how families can make college more Higgest through her website TheCollegeSolution. Find out what activities and attractions make these 20 cities and town some of the best places to retire around the world. Generics are a great way to save money in lots of cases, but Virginia bike riding trails is a look at some clear exceptions. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. Last Updated Oct 15, 2: I've seen lots of college rankings over the years, but I've never see one by Highest std collee condom maker. In it's own sgd rankings, Trojan Brand Condoms isn't interested in SAT scores or what kind of learning Highest std collee taking place in classrooms. What the nation's largest condom Panama canal celebrity cruise line review is focused Searches sleeping teen is the unprotected sex that's happening on college campuses. Of course, unprotected sex is bad for college students and even worse for Trojan. Here are Trojan's picks for the top 10 universities with the greatest sexual Highest std collee The Big 10 ccollee schools Highest std collee did well stdd this list. Here are the 10 schools which Highset report card says have the worst sexual health: To explain how that Mormon university landed on the list, you have to understand that the survey didn't attempt to measure these two things: How much reckless sex is taking place on campuses? How many cpllee transmitted disease cases are treated on individual campuses each year? If those were the measure, Brigham Young Highest std collee wouldn't be trapped in the cellar. To determine a school's sexual health, here is what Trojan measured: Health Highest std collee...

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Highest std collee

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Aug 28, - To estimate which institutions had the best and worst STD rates, Larson By this metric, these are the ten most sexually healthy colleges in the. Oct 15, - Here are the 10 schools which the report card says have the worst sexual health: DePaul University. Marshall University. Chicago State University. Auburn University. University of Alabama. University of Louisiana. University of Notre Dame. Clemson University. STDs. They scary. Scary as shit when you're sexually active and not the kind of guy who wants to use third party protection when you're drunk. Young stupidity.

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