Greg csi slash first time virgin

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#1 Greg csi slash first time virgin

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Greg csi slash first time virgin

Previous Entry Next Entry. Log in No account? Comments 68 comments — Leave a comment. Love it, love it. I liked Sara, at the begining. I can just see her giving Catherin a blank stare like ' I love giving Sara a hard time I don't like her character and I Grdg particularly like the actress either. Link Reply Parent Firts Expand. S,ash have to go change my panties now. Skirt officially blown right up. I think I need vigin propose now. Link Reply Parent Thread. I wasn't even aware of any sort of interest I had in this pairing until I stumbled onto the gil loves greg community and found this. Always good to be woken up to more and more expansions of slash. It is my absolute favorite compliment to hear that I've helped expand someone's enjoyment of slash. You so rocked at writing this story! I hope your going to write more because you have officially become one of my favorites! Maybe a one shot here soash there. Slashh slash in general? Anyone who wants to forward a congratulations can see me for the address. And the make-up Greg csi slash first time virgin, hotness Chives and shrimp recipes the very best kind! I'm terribly sorry but there's something wrong with this. I want Gil's mom for my very own. Would that she'd be as cool as Cute fourteen year old girl nude. Grissom when it came to the people I was sleeping with. And Greg's last ditch effort--got me all teary vrigin did. I also loved Gil's intensity and dominance. It's not often you see not-necessarily-so-nice Grissom but this was just the right amount of it to show his I really would like to see more of this Greg csi slash first time virgin...

#2 Velcro pants for men

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Velcro pants for men

Previous Entry Next Entry. Log in No account? Comments 23 comments — Leave a comment. I don't know if I've jumped in a said how much I love your recs. Not only am I rediscovering some old faves, but definitely indulging in some places I've only skimmed. A few months back I went on a big CSI kick but quite honestly gave up very shortly fairly disappointed with the relative redundancy involved with finding quality fics in the the fandom. I know they exist, it's just finding a reliable source of input outside of skimming every fandom related com. Sadly it wasn't something I was up for at the time so it's good to see this rec, and can't wait for more from you. In all your fandoms. Oh, man, you're telling me. There aren't actually going to be a lot of CSI recs simply because the general level of quality in CSI fic is appalling. Lately, I've been finding that I wasn't happy with any of the recs I've been finding. Glad you're enjoying my posts and thanks for the feedback! Link Reply Parent Thread. Delurking for 2 reasons: Thank you, Jane Elliot! How far into the series is it approx placed? I don't want to be spoiled so I thought I would wait until I've caught up on the show before I begin to read. Was ut written around ? Thankful for any help. The only spoiler I remember off the top of my head is from the end of season 3 though, honestly, if you don't know about what happened to Greg at that point then you must be far better at avoiding spoilers than I was -- I knew before I even started watching the show! There are also a couple of references to people's habits...

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Bbw mature video clips pics

The Heart in Five Senses. A Day Like Today. Idle Conversation with Southern Gentleman. All Because of Calcium. Chihuahuas, Nightmares, and the Importance of Hair. Greg Sanders and the Great Gay Escapade. His Own Damn Fault. It Was Everything Is. On the Foundation He Lays. Secrets, Mirrors, and Reflections. Socks, Sex, and Conrad Ecklie. The Doctor Went Down to Georgia. The Innermost Ponderings of Robert E. The Way It Ends. Thou Shalt; Thou Shalt Not. Miles from Pleasure and Pain. Human on My Faithless Arm. Through Life and Death and the Space Between. A Lesson to Be Learned. Things I've Never Told You. Who Do You Like? Alone in a Crowd. The Worship of a Goddess. Caught in the Act. Christmas in a Box. Daylight in Bright Angles. Into a Grey Sky Morning. New York State of Mind. Take Me Out Tonight. The Pain He Feels. Waiting for the Sun. When the City Spins. When Time Evaporates Completely. Another Time, Another Place. To the Ends of the Earth. Start of Something New. A Game of You. A Matter of Trust. All My Little Words. And Now I Break. Beginning to Get to Me. Between Reality and Fantasy. Christmastime in the City. Down on Mermaid Avenue. Every Day a Little Death. Haunted by My Past. I've Been Thinking About You. Life Is Too Short. Looking Into a Mirror. On New Year's Day. Safe in Your Arms. The Art of the Possible. The World Doesn't End. When Is a Door. A Handful of Dandelions. Every Family Got a Black Sheep. A Petty Officer in New York. Don't Want to Miss a Thing. So Much for Light Reading. Welcome to My Life. We Want the Redhead. A Moment in Time. How Even Gloria Knew! Like a Nail to the Head. Undeserved in Four...

#4 Fuck the parents

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Fuck the parents

Welcome in a club where everything is possible and where you can truly be yourself. This is something a little bit different. It's kinky and the sex is darker. This series is certainly an adult one. So if you're not put off by the thought of your favorite characters in chains, then welcome Series is a crossover series. Series of unrelated, usually stand alone stories from various fandoms with a Christmas theme. Consult story info for more information. The Dark Knight Rises Characters: Alphas And Their Mates series. Some alphas are having trouble with their future mates. New York , Cold Case: Complete and utter AU. Crime Scene Investigation Characters: It's Greg's birthday and his lover has to work. So he goes out by himself and flirts. Grissom gets a note from someone in his past. Greg and Nick finally open up about how they feel, but neither one is in the same room at the time Why they love and how they came to be This is a series of PWP's that have no redeeming qualities. No clever plot twists, no interesting evidence and no case file. It features our favorite CSI characters and guest stars in all sorts of interesting and compromising positions. This is kind of an alternate universe CSI where everyone is a sex maniac. New York , Multiple Fandoms 4 or more , hetero fiction , slash fiction , hetero fiction , slash fiction , hetero fiction , slash fiction Characters: My take on TiffanyF's 'Dragons are among us' idea. This Verse will include several fandoms. Because I'm slightly insane. Original Fic , CSI: Following a vicious assault, Greg struggles to recover and build a relationship with Nick. Even with their entire work family supporting them, neither one is finding it easy. At the same...

#5 Fucked pussy sweet

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Fucked pussy sweet

Your IP address will be recorded. Log in No account? KT katydid wrote in nickngreg , - 01 - 01 KT katydid nickngreg - 01 - 01 D here it is Comments and criticisms are most welcome. Must thank my beta who inspired this fic, godgaleshot. This is the result of a twisted Christmas present, being up till 4 AM, 2 cans of pepsi, and 3 packages of pink pez…enjoy: It was the accent that fooled people; that soft southern drawl that lured unsuspecting individuals into his web. And once he had you there? Well, you were stuck. You became a prey waiting to be pounced upon at any moment by the Texan. Not only did Nick hold the upper hand, but he also knew just how to get what he wanted. Since their relationship began eight months ago, Greg had never once wished for anything different. And yet, here he was. Their relationship was fairly new—hitting the 8-month mark tonight as a matter of fact. And although Greg knew it was a bit corny, he had insisted the two celebrate each month they had together. Ever since the lab explosion, Greg had become all too aware of how precious and short life can be. In many ways that night had been a hidden blessing. The scars on his back hurt like a bitch and when he was especially stressed or tense, he could still feel the tightening of the fairly new skin across his back and shoulders. However, such incidents had been fewer and far between, and when they did occur, Nick was there to soothe away the pain with a gentle massage using aloe. And Greg only felt the tiniest bit guilty when he prolonged such massage sessions. However with each diligent massage Nick gave the...

Greg csi slash first time virgin

Gil/Nick/Greg Stories

Slave, Kink - Non-con, Kink - Slavery, Kink - Virgin Fic, Language, m/m, Violence Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst, AU, Kink - Exhibitionism, Kink - Rough Sex, Kink Fandoms: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Characters: Greg Sanders/Warrick Brown [CSI] . Summary: The first day of work, a beating and a Claiming. Genres: Preslash, Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, anal sex, Angst, description of rape, Drama, First Time, graphic sex, Hurt/Comfort, Language, Masturbation. here it is my first Nick/Greg fic and only my second slash fic. Time didn't matter; both men knew the other was their soul mate and ultimately that was the only thing that was important. He liked that he was a virgin for Nick. .. Fandom: CSI.

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