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#1 Fuck the parents

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Fuck the parents

This is a topic that has been coming up recently in conversations with friends and clients. Maybe it was the holiday season. Or maybe I just hang out with a lot of people who defy normal. And that advice is tje. The world needs you to play a bigger game. But I have a hunch that if you are reading Swinging couples in newman new mexico words then your parents only want the best for you, which includes teh happy, safe, fulfilled, and successful. When we are children with a chronological age of a single digit then we have no other praents. Our parents back then were the sole source of protection, food, shelter, and safety. And that the only person who is responsible for our emotional well-being, physical health, financial success, and overall happiness is the person that stares back at us every morning when we get ready for the day. Free to travel wherever you want. Or free to live out the rest of your years right where you are today. I really want this! You both love each other so much that your hearts break open every time you interact with each other. Sometimes out of grief and sometimes out Brazilian female models nude photoshoot joy. He worked his life away throughout my entire childhood! She always tells me what to do! And they will continue to do so until the day that they leave this life for the next. But they are humans, just like us. And every human being carries a host of fears, doubts, insecurities, and unique ideas of what someone should best do with their life. Do you want to know the two simple actions to paremts to take your relationship with your parents to the next level? And you are...

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They had the best intentions for you. They want what is best for you. They love you, and they want you to have a better life than they did. But the problem is; your parents are imperfect human beings. As children we see them as the center of wisdom, knowledge, and thought. But unfortunately, they are fallible. A lot of parents also see their kids like trophies or medallions. They want to brag about their success in life; via their children. They live vicariously— through their children. Having a child go to Harvard is like driving a Rolls-Royce. Having a child become a lawyer is having a nice Cartier watch. I have all love and positive vibes for my mom. She molded me to become the man that I am, strong with virtue, love, and patience. My dad fucked me up. He poisoned my family with negativity, hate, and sloth. But I still have love for him, and forgive him for all his past wrongs. Ultimately, I remember— my parents were just fallible human beings, like myself. And honestly, forgiveness is the ultimate tool. I know that they meant the best for me. But they just tried to do it in their own way. Through their own beliefs. Their own Korean-Confuscian culture. I had to break loose from my parents and what they wanted from me. To cut the umbilical chord. To find the truth for myself. Thank God for college— the chance for me to rethink my beliefs, and to re-socialize myself in the world. Studying sociology helped me see the light, in terms of what I wanted out of life. To follow my passion, to make a meaningful difference in the world. To be the change I wish I saw in the world, to quote Gandhi. I thank...

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Fuck the parents

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