Friendly neighbors sex story

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#1 Friendly neighbors sex story

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Friendly neighbors sex story

I still sometimes cannot believe this happened but I swear every word of this is true and really did happen. I never had an experience like this before or since and I still get hard just thinking neighgors it. I live in a suburb of a midsize Southern city. After my divorce I bought a small house in a middle class neighborhood and I soon became good friends with my next door neighbor. Karen was 35 and a single mother. She is fairly attractive with a decent figure and shoulder length dirty blond hair but trying to work, raise a teenage daughter, and make ends meet did not leave her a lot of free time for the Feiendly. I am fairly handy around the house and with vehicles and I actually enjoy yard work and landscaping so Karen and I hit it off pretty well and became friends. During this time, Karen's daughter blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. When Karen and I met, Kristen was a gangly 15 year old with braces more interested in talking on the phone to her friends and playing soccer than anything else. Once she grew up in to an adult however, she grew into a complete knockout. She was a tall, 5' 6" statuesque blond with shoulder length golden blond hair and gorgeous green eyes. Frienly had long shapely legs, nicely muscled from constant workouts and a firm tight ass with nicely shaped hips. She could get a killer tan just like her mom. She had nice firm 36 B cup breasts atory a beautiful face. Erotic Stories are submitted for publication by our website readers and are neighvors edited. They are copyright protected and may be linked to but not copied Friiendly. Kristen could best be described as a cross between Vanna...

#2 Lynn sullivan np nurse practitioner

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Lynn sullivan np nurse practitioner

My house got infested with termites. The exterminator came and tented my house and said I had to go somewhere for three days. He said I should go with just the clothes I was wearing, so I went to my neighbor and told him to keep his cat away because the gas would kill his cat. He asked where I was going to stay and I said I was going to a motel nearby. He suggested I stay with him. I thanked him but I didn't even really know him. He said he lived alone and it wouldn't be a problem. I thanked him and got my house ready to be fumigated. An hour later, they showed up and started tenting the house. I went to my neighbor, and we sat on the lawn, watching them cover the house before they pumped the gas in. Later that evening, we were sitting on the back porch, and he suggested we go for a swim. I thanked him but reminded him that the only clothes I had was what I was wearing. He said he could keep the lights off and we could go skinny dipping. It was a warm, humid night, so I agreed. As we got undressed, I looked him over, and liked that he was slightly hairy and had a big dangling cock surrounded by a dense dark bush. I noticed he looked me over but we didn't say anything. We swam around for a while and got out of the pool and sat naked on the lounge chairs. He noticed me checking out his cock and asked what I was thinking. I was embarrassed, but said he had a pretty big cock and I was wondering how big it got when it was hard. He laughed and said...

#3 Male escorts brussels

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Male escorts brussels

We had just moved to a new town and bought a house in an established neighborhood. My wife Pat and I were just beginning to enjoy our empty nest at the age of We met our neighbors Hector and Yolanda who had recently taken early retirement at age They were Hispanic but Hector was very dark and everyone thought he was Black. About a week later I woke just before sunrise and heard a water running. We were under water restrictions due to drought. Thinking I might have left my hose on I went to the backyard. I immediately realized the sound was coming from Hector and Yolanda's yard. As I peeked over the stockade fence I saw Yolanda in a thin nightgown and watering her flower beds. Now Yolanda was a full sized woman with light brown skin a very pretty face. I couldn't help noticing her very large tits that hung so freely as she bent over. Her erect, dark aureoles and nipples were in stark contrast to the thin white cloth they pressed against. As she stood up her gown clung to her thighs and I could see the dark triangle bush that rested between her legs. Their patio door opened and as she turned I viewed her very large but nicely shaped ass. It was a beauty. Hector came out and said something to her in Spanish. He was wearing a robe loosely tied at the waist. She waved him away but he continued to approach her. He untied his robe and let it fall to the grown. Hector was naked and had a hard-on I couldn't believe. He was about six foot four and had a good build for his age. He stroked his growing cock as he continued to speak in Spanish....

#4 Girl picture prom teenage

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Girl picture prom teenage

I was eighteen years old when this all happened. At the time it shocked and surprised me and I had a hard time accepting my incredible good fortune. The experience I'm about to relate quickly became something I'd never want to change. It became a part of my growing up. It was nothing but an awesome adventure that became the basis of my sexual maturation. I lived with my parents, sister and brother in a nice house in a nice suburb of Atlanta. It was a Saturday morning in May. I'd been for an early run and as I arrived home, Mrs. James, the next door neighbor, was waving at me. She wasn't waving a good morning kind of greeting, it was definitely a wave that asked if I could go over and talk to her. I slowed and approached. In my eyes, Lynne James was an attractive woman of about 30 years old, somebody I should respect, say 'hello' to when we noticed each other. Not somebody I'd be hitting on, not somebody I should look at in an 'I'd love to fuck her' kind of way. She wasn't somebody that would have any interest in me for starters. She was a neighbor, a different generation, off limits and never in my mind. I suppose I was polite, friendly, even good looking in an eighteen year old kind of way. I was into school work, sports and second, sometimes third base foreplay. I'd been favored with a hand job on rare occasions courtesy of my girlfriend of two years. There was the promise of more to come one day. We'd told each other we'd wait until we were nineteen for some stupid reason. A distant seven months away. Of course there was a Mr. His name, for what it...

#5 Sugar and spice pinup

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Sugar and spice pinup

Jack Summers lived alone in a house that was far too large for him nowadays. Poor Jack was a two-time loser in the ways of marriage. Widowed at 35 because of a wife that could not control her drinking, divorced at 41 by a wife that couldn't keep from slutting around. Pamela fucked anything with a pulse and didn't limit herself to men either. Jack wouldn't have minded if she had confined her affairs solely to women, he found bi-sexual women very sexy and dated a few since his divorce. The problem he continued to encounter was that these women didn't seem interested in marriage or commitment. In that aspect, Jack was very traditional. He liked having someone to come home to but at this moment, the only pussy he saw when he came home was his cat, Chuckles. As a fitness nut, Jack kept himself in excellent shape and wore his 45 years well. His hair was still jet-black and only graying at the temples; his face was only lined from hours spent in the sun as a house painter. His arms were strong as steel cables and his skin was California-bronzed. When Desiree and Anna Nichols moved into the long-vacant house beside him, it was hard for Jack to decide who he found sexier. Desiree had long auburn hair, soulful brown eyes and a soft, pouty mouth with long legs that seemed to go on forever. She wasn't shy about showing her assets, wearing tiny denim cut-offs or short skirts or even bikinis as she puttered around the back yard. Desiree had to be aware of the affect she had on men and likely some women as well but if she did, she played it coy. Anna Nichols was totally unlike her mother. The first way was obvious,...

Friendly neighbors sex story

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Jun 4, - Newly introduced neighbors decide to take their relationship to the next . stories/straight-sex/friendly-. Oct 9, - Home · Wife Lovers Stories · Friendly Neighbor "Breaker for the Rainmaker, Friendly Neighbor here." "Go ahead . "Dave, please fuck me. Sep 4, - This erotic story is about a man who happens to see his sexy female older than us and kept pretty much to themselves but were very nice.

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