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#1 Free erotic stories spanked dominate

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Free erotic stories spanked dominate

Let me start by plugging my own writing. I have three femdom stories available on a couple of different sites. Toilet play, incest, torture and heavy humiliation all feature prominently. Not to mention illegal, dangerous, non-consensual, etc. But the written word is one place I do enjoy going a little crazy now and again. The quality tends to vary pretty dramatically, but there are some real gems to be found. As the name suggests this is a site slanted to general bondage rather than femdom. The search and tagging functionality is pretty basic, but there are some good stories if you spend the time to browse around. Free erotic stories spanked dominate you like transgender femdom fiction then fictionmania is the place to Free erotic stories spanked dominate. Some good examples include:. This is another transgender orientated site. The search page has a femdom category. Facial rash and liver disease couple of good examples include:. Unfortunately you have to sign up before you can access them, which is a fairly lengthy process. As its name suggests, this story collection focuses on tales of mental control through hypnosis, subliminal suggestion, magic, weird science, etc. It has a large number of stories tagged as female dominant. The ask jolene site is more of a search engine than an original content aggregator. Skip to content My Free erotic stories spanked dominate Let me start by plugging my own writing. Femdom fiction sites These are a few specialist sites with only femdom fiction. Amityworld has a collection of fun femdom stories. Carmenica Diaz has a collection of Free erotic stories spanked dominate that require payment but also a number of good free stories. James Pendergrass has written numerous femdom stories, with a lot of humiliation and teasing themes. Others can be purchased

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She loved to be spanked. She loved for the man to see her in that position, legs elongated and taut, pussy peeking out underneath and her bare cheeks and ass crack totally revealed to his eyes. And when those slaps happened, she became wetter and juicier and hotter and hornier as she heard those sexy spanking sounds over and over as they echoed in the air. She had met him in the woods, she was walking at a quick pace when she happened to look behind her and see a man quickly approaching her, she was wearing her pull-on black tight shorts and her bikini top. She was in great shape, she was toned all over and she was tan. Her hair draped down her back and the sun made the gold in it glimmer. He saw her and his heart went wild, he saw that hourglass tight body and he felt horny for her so he decided to follow her. He was a man who had a great deal of confidence, determination and he was also a very sexually dominant man. And when he spied her with her sexy body and her perfect round high ass that tautly swayed as she walked, he knew she was just his type. She was startled when she turned around and he was only perhaps two feet behind her. She liked how he looked, he was in shape and he had a nice face and an air of intense masculinity about him, this turned her on and she immediately felt a deep lust for him. While she was getting very aroused just looking at him, his body was reacting to her by causing his cock to thicken, harden and become engorged with blood as he was imagining all the carnal things he wanted...

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Log in Sign Up. Lit Live Webcams Lucky spin? Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal spanking. Views Rating Favorite Newest. RSVP Simply asking for it Nightmare Future Women take control and forcibly cross dress the men. Her Stolen Grace Ch. Bibbit Smithers's Ordeals Bibbs gets dominated by everyone he meets! Let's Fall in Love Again He makes her fall in love with him again The Perfect PA Spanked in the office and at home. A School for Spanking Ch. My Sophomore Year Ch. Mom Likes It Rough After a naked prank, a son learns his mom likes it rough. My Uncle Comes on Sundays Pt. Andi's Sexual Exploits, Episode 02 Two guys and a girl want to play with me after happy hour. Sara is Educated at College Pt. Wrestle for Carol The loser will be spanked and watch the winner fuck Carol. Ashton Hill Siren Her alter ego finds a man who can accept all she is. Eleanor's Transformation Darien's experience when her boss asks her to be in charge! Learning The Ropes Ch. How to Guide to Pussy Slapping A useful guide to pussy slapping. Workplace Erotica What happens when the Boss catches you masturbating at work? Mouse What happens when the assistant gets caught pleasing herself. The Club Amelia is publicly stimulated and bound at an erotic club. Joyce's Sexual Reawakening Ch. Loving Made Easy Well, easy enough for girls who want to have fun. Accidentally Eavesdropping Two young tenants look after their landlady The Twins at College Sheltered twins at a new school get a rude awakening The Music Plays on in her Mind Ch. Joy and Pain Ch. But maybe she is Finishing School -Ladies -Mr. Styles The housekeeper kept a record of all beatings! Gail Learns a Hard Lesson Gail's...

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Free erotic stories spanked dominate

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She wanted an erotic spanking, to feel that pain in her flesh and that sting move that Mia could associate with someone who was dominant, an alpha type. Nov 6, - A seasonal kinky erotic story with spanking, stuffing, and good ol' fashioned by giving thanks to her Dominant boyfriend for a good spanking. Male dominance, or maledom, refers to BDSM activities where the dominant Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal of.

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