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The Aqua Teen Hunger Force or simply ATHF is a tactical strike force group, which is named after their ability to fight in both A ir, T errain, H elland F resh waterdesigned to fight the forces of evilcorruptiontyranny and overall, society. According to the show, they were last seen in a house in New Jersey. Also, they share a home with a grouchy, lazy, year-old man named Carl who moved there inso he's lived there longer than the Teens. They're called "Aqua Teens", but are like in their 30s. And they were all in their 20s when they formed as ATHF. So why are they called Aqua Teens? I guess we'll never know! Unless they want to seem younger. January 29, is yet another disguise of Batman we know this because he sounds black. He's the more impulsive, lazyand unsympathetic of the Aqua Teens. His interests are TVloafing, sleeping, loafing, eating, and also eating your babies. Plus, he looks like a freaking box of fries. His life dream is to Options teen nacked results a box of curly fries, but this is doubtful. April 22, is the unofficial leader of the Aqua Teens, suggested by his attentiveness, lazy-as-fuck personality and his overwhelming intelligence and wisdom. His intolerance for Meatwad is seen as a form of tough- lovewhich leads many to believe that he actually cares about the welfare of Meatwad and in the end, he only acts out of kindness towards Meatwad through the tough, thick-skin barrier that he portrays every day. From time to time, he'll excrete a green, Twin star international fireplace surround base liquid out of his straw, which is the cure for AIDS, all cancers, and Blue Waffle. But this is what many believe. In reality, he hates his guts. And wishes he...

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a not gay cartoon on Cartoon Network's gay Adult Swim programming block that is a thinly veiled attempt at dubiously playing into stoner and frat boy humor and functions as a prime marketing scheme in forcing memes in nearly every line of dialog. It features the misadventures of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a band of talking meat and non-meat fast food products. The show consists of a talking educated-monkey box of fries, an annoyingly high-pitched beverage container and a little spastic wad of meat. Their fat disgruntled neighbor Carl is an exact portrayal of the loud and uncouth behavior of citizens in New Jersey. The plot of each show involves them sitting around the house and then some stuff happens. These crazy events usually fuck them up especially Carl beyond recognition, as viewable in the gallery below. Not to out do themselves, it was changed next season to Aqua Something You Know Whatever to show how much they care about their dedicated fanbase. The Mooninites, Ignignokt and Err, are two dysfunctional 8-bit sprites from the moon who try to skim through life solely by virtue of a massive superiority complex. The most popular of all the "villains", they steal the show with such stunts as landing in their pixel spaceship, involving Meatwad in their nefarious plans, and terrorizing whole cities full of retards such as Boston:. After season 2 it was decided that the show's other antagonists didn't matter. This show actually likes to party hard , and has a close relationship with talented composer Andrew W. If you want to sum up this show to somebody who has never seen it before , show them this video:. This video is unfunny compared to the show, but fanboys might get a boner out of...

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The series is about three talking food items and their next door neighbor who live in New Jersey. In each 11 minute episode , the Aqua Teens often become part of some very unusual story that often involves one or more characters who often come on the show. The humor of the show is very unusual and some people do not understand it. Dave Willis is the only cast member to appear in every episode. Dana Snyder and Carey Means have been absent for one episode. Martin Croker is only a main cast member on the show's first two seasons. His only other appearance was on a season 7 episode. The movie is about the characters trying to put an exercise machine together. The movie lost money because some light-up advertising devices caused a bomb scare in Boston. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Retrieved from " https: Pages using infobox television with unknown parameters. Views Read Change Change source View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last changed on 6 July , at See Terms of Use for details. Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis. Keith Crofford Mike Lazzo. Wikiquote has a collection of quotations related to:

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