Exmark or hustler

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#1 Exmark or hustler

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Exmark or hustler

Login or Sign Up. Hustler Super Model t front springs 60" or Exmark Lazer 60". Previous 1 2 template Next. Hustler Super Z 60" or Exmark Lazer 60" Im looking for another mower and have narrowed it down to these 2. I currently have an exmark and love the machine but they are very expensive. Ive been told the Hustler is very comparable to Exmark and was looking for some advice from all of you. The price difference is about Please help with some advice. They're both excellent machines, and you can't go wrong with either. The Exmark is well noted for it's deeper deck which aids in mulching and it's ability to stripe better than anything Exmark or hustler I've seen on the market. The Hustler is constructed like a tank and moves like a race car. It's better known for it's lower center of gravity which helps on hills. The deciding factor for me would be the dealerships. Which one offers better customer support? They both come from the same dealer. The dealer has been great to me so I cant forsee a problem with dealer support. I saw that hustler at a trade show and like the smaller footprint compared to the exmark. I noticed the newer machines are getting smaller Exmark or hustler more compact which is Man vintage belt good thing. Personally ive heard very good things about exmark I would go with them. I own a exmark metro 36" ECS walk behind and had a toro 60z which i loved which by the way exmarks are made by toro if you didnt already know. The hustler looks Exmark or hustler it might be a good unit too. Hustler for us but you have to have good sevice no matter what it is....

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With the introduction of affordable "Zero" turn or zero radius lawn mowers years ago, lawn maintenance has not only become faster for the worker, but more affordable for the homeowner or property owner. For the most part, lawn mowing costs have stayed the same for the past couple decades mainly due to the fact that today's commercial mower makes each job take almost half the time. The relatively new ability to make turns around a residential yard or to cover large areas of commercial property with a machine that can cut thick grass at 12 to 15 mph has made grass cutting not only easier, but more fun as well. Although most commercial mowers are head and shoulders above lawn tractors, or yard snails as we call them, not every zero turn mower may be right for you. There are differences that can make some mowers a much better fit for your particular situation or the type of jobs you do. This Zero Turn Comparison will give you some of the benefits of the best rated lawn mowers and some of the shortfalls of the best commercial zero turn lawn mowers. The first phrase on their website definitely sets the bar high for this zero radius lawn mower, "There is no competition," but since when it came on the market, Scag's Turf Tiger has made a habit out of surpassing the industry standards. Regarded by many in the lawn maintenance industry as the standard setter, Scag makes mowers that are available in Gas, Diesel, and even propane. The Turf Tiger, the brands premium platform, has the speed, efficiency, and size that make it an excellent choice for any yard, especially large spaces. The comment most users of the Turf Tiger give is "It is built like a tank. Turf Tigers...

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Discussion in ' Lawn Mowing Equipment ' started by jewellpropmaint , Apr 23, Log in or Sign up. I am looking at buying 2 new mowers and am torn between hustler and exmark. Both dealers are about the same distance from me just not sure which way to go. Any suggestions or food for thought? I am looking at the super s and the super z for hustler. I am looking at the vantage and the lazer z e series for exmark? To different class of mowers, and two completely different deck designs. Exmarks are great in the dry, but clumping machines in the damp or wet. The Hustler SZ with the 60" VX4 deck is not the best deck for northern grasses either, but would be my choice between the two you listed. The Hustler will cut great, but it has its own issues with dropping clumps on northern turf in that size. I've seen that first hand here in MI. Ridin' Green , Apr 24, These 2 are about the biggest on the road around here I tried to upgrade to the turf tiger but my local Scag dealer told me they don't sell apt of them and it would be a special order item for them. I am not a fan of Dixie chopper or John Deere we have a at the fire department I work at and it is not all that impressive controls are jerky and no place but jd to get parts. Just torn buying mowers are like buying trucks. You can get a ton of JD parts from green parts and you shouldn't rule out JD. The new series is nothing at all like the old 7XX series. Male, from Redmond, WA. Ridin' is correct about the tendency of the Hustler...

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Exmark or hustler

Hustler Super Z 60" or Exmark Lazer 60"

Mar 6, - Commercial Zero Turn Comparison: Hustler Super Z . Exmark, Dixie Chopper, Kubota, and others may be exactly what you need. Keep in. Apr 14, - The redesigned Hustler X-ONE features a larger fully tubular frame, Parker Exmark's commercial mower line is stronger than ever. Commercial Zero-Turns. Exmark and Hustler Zero-Turn Commercial Riding Lawn Mowers.

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