Embarrassing anal sex stories

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#1 Embarrassing anal sex stories

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Embarrassing anal sex stories

I had met a girl from a dating website at a bar, she was a very cool girl. Cute and fun, we hit it off. After a few beers we stepped outside and shared a kiss. We soon left for her place which was walking distance away. Once there we talked a bit, but ended up sleeping together. We kept waking up, having sex and going back to sleep all night. At some point in the wee hours, she was giving me a blow job, which ended beautifuly. After I Embarrassing anal sex stories though, she kept going it started to feel really good and I was coming to orgasm again. Once I started to ejaculate however, I realized the horror of what happened. It had felt so amazing that I couldn't control my muscles and started to pee into her mouth! I was endlessly apologetic and we ended up taking a shower after to clean up. She was a nice girl but I never saw her again. Just don't keep going after he ejaculates lol. I would have made her stop if I didn't think it would just be cum again. I was so scared of this happening. Getting a bj once, it felt like she was forcing me to orgasm. I couldn't control my muscles and thought I was going to pee, but luckily it was just semen. Cool water, not hot, and white vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide works too, but I won't guarantee colorfastness. I use white vinegar and it seems to work wonderfully. Never tested it out under black lights though. I kind of want to put a black light in my laundry room It's really just best if I don't inspect my 11 year old brother's laundry too thoroughly. This makes me terrified of clubs considering...

#2 Brain bleed pregnancy

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Brain bleed pregnancy

Was helping my girlfriend house-sit for her parents. Had only briefly met them once before when helping her move out of her dorm. So last day of house-sitting, there I was, alone, reading or watching a movie in their living room- waiting for the gf to come home from work. Intended to make dinner for her parents when they got home later that night. Long story short, we had some of the best sex on the couch in her parent's living room. Very angry, loud sex, I should say. We get dressed, take a shower during which, familiar themes transpired and made sure the couch was clean, without any traces of our clamorous coital congress. Made dinner, nothing deviant or rambunctious happened. Her parents arrive, we are finally introduced and chat with each other. The subject of their eccentric extended family comes up- and to my horror, her mom decides we should all sit down and look through the photo albums. To put pictures to stories, and whatnot. Gf and I looking at each other occasionally to see if their parents notice anything So me and my girlfriend were both virgins and we wanted to have sex. I wanted to wait a little longer, she wasn't even 16 yet, but she insisted so hey what can I do but except, right? So we got some condoms and hungout for the day then when the sun went down went to my bedroom. We were both really nervous So once I got my boner on I unwrapped the condom package and tried to get the thing on, it didn't occur to me that maybe I should have practiced. It was awkward and weird and I was nervous and clumsy. Short story shorter, I lost my hardness trying to get the fucking condom...

#3 Anxiety and excess facial flushing

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Anxiety and excess facial flushing

Anal sex is still kind of a taboo subject , but we are sex positive modern girls! Anal sex can be a little complicated or feel strange, but thankfully GURL has a guide so you can learn more. It should definitely be something you discuss with your partner before you do it. No one likes those kinds of surprises. You also want to prepare ahead of time so that you and your partner can have the best experience and not scar each other for life. Something to do with poop is bound to happen eventually, unless you are miraculously spic and span up there at all times. Usually, a guy or girl will be cool enough to just shrug it off. Embarrassing situations are only as bad as you make them to be. Follow the author Richelle Meiss on twitter , instagram , and youtube! Follow Gurl, Pretty Please! Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr , Pinterest , and Instagram. Gurl 6 outdated relationship phrases you don't need. Ghosted What to do if you think someone is ghosting you. Rub 6 life-saving tips on how to deal with chafing. More in Your Life. Butt Stuff 7 helpful anal sex tips you have to know. Monday, May 30, by Richelle Meiss. Must Watch Videos Gurl 7 signs you need to buy a new bra. Are you actually an introvert? Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Sitemap The site is part of the Clevver Network.

#4 Vivement amateur girls

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Vivement amateur girls


#5 Latin translation of the psalms

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Latin translation of the psalms


Embarrassing anal sex stories

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May 7, - FYI: Despite these horrifying anecdotes, anal sex can also be very enjoyable if you and your partner(s) are into it. Check out some helpful. Sep 13, - Anal sex can seem scary if you've never tried it. And these horror sex stories will make it so you never do. Dec 16, - For all its awesomeness, sex can be a fairly embarrassing thing. to trips to the emergency room with mom, here are 11 embarrassing sex stories that take the cake. “My boyfriend and I decided to drunkenly try anal sex.

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