Early gilts late puberty

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#1 Early gilts late puberty

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Early gilts late puberty

Rob Knox Sep 15, Delayed puberty in replacement gilts lowers reproductive performance and creates overcrowding in the gilt pool. Some Pictures hot brunette mexican teen herd managers have Early gilts late puberty to the estrus-inducing drug, PG The drug is commonly used in Early gilts late puberty that have already failed to express estrus within a normal period and, therefore, results are often disappointing. It is still unclear why the response rate is less than optimal, and whether this may be due to lack of physiological maturity in some of the replacement gilts. Boar exposure is one of the most effective stimulants for inducing estrus in gilts and advancing age at puberty. It is not known whether combining the stimulatory effects of boar exposure with PG could enhance the estrus induction response in gilts. The first experiment examined whether physical or fence-line boar exposure was more effective for inducing puberty when used in conjunction with PG Fifty-six prepubertal gilts, days Early gilts late puberty age, were allotted to receive either fence-line boar exposure FBE or physical contact boar Slim male thongs PBE Early gilts late puberty a period of 30 minutes, once a day for 19 days. At days of age, all gilts received an injection of PG Gilts were checked for estrus for seven days and reproductive tracts were collected 12 days later. There was no effect of treatment on age at puberty and days, respectivelyinterval from PG to Porno tecav z flim 3. Twenty-five percent of all treated gilts expressed estrus before it could be synchronized with PG In experiment 2, since some of the gilts expressed estrus before estrus could be synchronized with PG, the effect of short-term priming boar exposure was evaluated in two gilt age groups. One hundred and sixty eight prepubertal...

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July and August, T he figure opposite shows a relationship between age at puberty and weaning-to-estrus interval WEI of gilts after weaning their first litter. Average ages at puberty are What other reproductive performance can you determine regarding gilt age at puberty? T here is a positive relationship between gilt age at first mating or at conception and litter size under commercial conditions. Data presented in Figure 1 were collected from 20 United States swine breeding herds covering a 7-year period from , including 24, females. There is also a positive relationship between age at the first breeding and culling rate after weaning the first litter Figure 2 , although a large litter is associated with older age at first breeding. The cull rate is largely due to reproductive failure or fertility problems. Traditionally, producers preferred to start breeding gilts at an older age, such as the third or fourth observed estrus. In modern swine production, however, many producers decide to breed gilts at a young age the second estrus or even the first estrus. Since age at puberty has been reduced by genetic selection, one interesting question is whether gilt age at puberty will affect their subsequent reproductive performance. The figure on the cover demonstrates that gilts with delayed puberty have delayed weaning-to-estrus interval. Gilts older than days at puberty were not included. In another study conducted by Holder, et al. All gilts were bred at the second estrus in the study. Litter sizes are similar in the two groups for parties 2 through 5. Sows from the early puberty line tend to return to estrus earlier after weaning. The frequency of sows in estrus and ovulation within 10 days after weaning is higher in the young age puberty group than the medium and old groups. In addition,...

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In this short review, we have selected and prioritized the most important, non-negotiable aspects of gilt development. We feel strongly that emphasis on these aspects will ensure a steady supply of replacement gilts and contribute to enhanced sow retention in the herd. Analysis of these aspects will also focus your attention on the Gilt Development Unit GDU , currently the most underestimated cost centre in modern swine operations. That is, to consistently meet targets for the supply of high quality bred or ready-to-breed gilts. Often, several issues in the GDU are overlooked: To address these common concerns, a separate barn area for the GDU is considered essential. Many producers overlook effects on both overall production efficiency and costs aspects of replacement gilt management. Improvements in production efficiency have mainly focused on piglet survival, nursery and growout performance, appropriate shipping weights, and management of the lactating and weaned sow. In contrast, replacement gilts are often bred at poorly defined targets for body weight, condition and age, with the intention of ensuring sow longevity. Thus, gilts frequently accumulate unnecessary non-productive days NPDs and are bred at excessive body weights and condition, indicating a lack of realization that the GDU is a very significant cost centre. If employees are hired or moved from other production areas, it is often assumed that they know what is expected. We are perhaps too busy to explain to employees the "whys". Take time to emphasize to GDU personnel what's important and how their responsibilities affect the whole production system. Stating clear goals, describing roles and providing recurring personnel training, in our opinion, are also important non-negotiable aspects of gilt development. Meet Gilt Breeding Targets Consistently meeting targets for the supply of bred or ready-to-breed gilts is the next non-negotiable aspect of gilt development. This underlies the importance...

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There are several methods for inducing early puberty in gilts. The advantages of this technology can be numerous but ultimately payoff in lifetime pigs produced per female and lowered days from entry to service. Some induction methods are more effective than others and considerable variation occurs with any induction methodology. The response criteria for an induction protocol should primarily involve the age of the female. The age of puberty can be estimated from evaluation of gilts at slaughter or from herd records of estrus expression. Which method s are chosen will ultimately depend upon the replacement rate needs of the breeding herd, the cost of replacement gilts, the age at puberty, and the entry to first service interval. The age of puberty can vary considerably by genetics and farm. This average age must be established so that optimal induction procedures can be implemented. Boar exposure is by far the greatest influence on expression of estrus in gilts that have the ability to express estrus before 7 months of age. Boar exposure too early will not provide any estrus synchrony in replacement gilts, and exposure too late may not yield any advantages in the age at puberty in the gilt pool. It is not clear whether fast growth rate, or lean gilts have different profiles for expression of estrus and age at puberty. However, some information suggests that selection for early age at puberty is linked to reduced backfat at puberty. Gonadotropin induction of puberty is common in swine since PG is approved for use in gilts. Age and weight are certainly related to puberty, but, within the month window for expression of estrus, these two factors do not provide much selection criteria, since gilts of all weight ranges and age ranges express and fail to express estrus. The relationship of...

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No heat by days of age. Puberty is the point of sexual maturity and is generally considered to be the first heat oestrus in the gilt. In hybrid gilts, puberty usually occurs at around days of age but it is breed dependent. Puberty can occur at around days in the Meishan and in miniature pigs, or later than usual in pure gilts of western breeds. Puberty may be delayed by poor environmental conditions, cold, sunburn and poor light. Overcrowding and the associated bullying and stress may result in delayed puberty. Poor nutrition acts by reducing growth rates or by causing deficiencies in particular nutrients. Disease may affect the gilt by reducing body condition or by causing pain. Lameness reduces bodily condition and precludes behaviour associated with oestrus. The early management of growing gilts is important. Dirty housing, group sizes below 6, uneven lighting patterns and poor observation for signs of oestrus may result in real or apparent delays. Finally, poor management of peer group contacts may delay puberty. Puberty may be delayed by housing with young boars or by contact with old boars too early. As the expected time of first oestrus approaches, inadequate boar contact or contact with board with low levels of boar odour may delay puberty. The problem may recur in successive batches where no attempt has been made to eliminate likely causes. Clinical signs of delayed puberty consist simply of the failure of gilts to show oestrus enlargement of the vulva, reddening of the vulva, remaining still for back pressure, clustering round a boar by the time they would be expected to have reached puberty based on previous experience with the breed or hybrid on the farm concerned, or industry norms. For this to be ascertained, records of the chronological age of the animals must be...

Early gilts late puberty

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Jun 22, - More of the early puberty gilts will express estrus in the replacement . mature in the fall are delayed in pubertal age compared to gilts born in. There are several methods for inducing early puberty in gilts. gilts, and exposure too late may not yield any advantages in the age at puberty in the gilt pool. Sep 15, - Delayed puberty in replacement gilts lowers reproductive as a production tool for stimulating early puberty, it has been consistent for inducing.

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