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#1 Donna fry for mayor

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Donna fry for mayor

We apologize for the inconvenience. By Hank CrookMaureen Cavanaugh. What maoyr Frye do now that her tenure on the council has ended? We speak to Frye about her goals for the future, and look back on her nine years as the council representative for the city's Sixth District. What will Frye do now that fr tenure on the council is Dona One of San Diego's most high profile, unpredictable politicians finds herself out of a job this week. Donna fry who's been on the San Diego Donnz Council for nearly ten years is termed out, and district six is now represented by newly sworn in council member Really old grandmas Zapf. Donna Frye is credited with Donnz a new kind of politics to San Diego, along with her own special style, but will Donna fry for mayor push for open government survive without her being there? Donna fry is here in studio with us today, and good morning, Donna. Thank you for coming in. Now, I want to let everyone know that we're inviting listeners to join the conversation. If you'd like to have a question or comment for dona fry, Donna fry for mayor you want to tell us what you think Donna maoyr to San Diego politic, when you think she accomplished, give us Donna fry for mayor call with your questions and comments our number isKPBS. Well, know, you're free and I'm happy for you, but if it weren't for term limits would you have tried to Dnona on the council longer. Well, I think probably the major issue again is the city's finances. Although I can't say I'm fod glad that I don't have to deal with it. But I think that fog probably the biggest problem. And it's been the biggest problem since shortly...

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She was born in Pennsylvania and is one of three children. In July Frye was among the first to call on then-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to resign over accusations of sexual harassment and assault. Frye was born in in Pennsylvania , the second of three children. Her family moved to San Diego when her father took a civilian job with the Navy. After a failed first marriage and problems with alcohol abuse, Frye met her current husband Skip Frye at a Mexican restaurant in After they married, he persuaded her to give up alcohol, and together they opened a custom-made surfboard shop in Pacific Beach in Frye first became concerned with coastal water pollution problems when her husband repeatedly became sick after surfing. She soon became an environmental and community leader. In she was elected to the San Diego City Council in a special election. Frye ran for mayor of San Diego in the November run-off election between Dick Murphy and Ron Roberts as a write-in candidate, without having run in the primary. A plurality of voters wrote in her name, but a controversy arose when she lost the election because a number of voters did not fill in the bubble next to her written name or misspelled her name usually spelling her last name "Fry". If those votes had counted, Frye would have had more votes than either of the moderate republican candidates officially in the runoff, but still far below a majority vote. Dick Murphy was re-elected as mayor after a series of legal challenges to the election results, but resigned on July 15, , as the city's fiscal crisis and legal woes with regulatory and law enforcement agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Bureau of Investigation worsened and became a matter...

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July April March February All Catch A Body: Creative Voices In Celebration of Mayor Jeffery Jones gives opening remarks. Preparing for the Guest Speaker, Richardson gave a. Martin Luther King Jr. King gave in Paterson before he was murdered one week later. Rabbi Dresdner continued with stories of the past to show how Black history played a role in the development of the City of Paterson. Rabbi Dresdner, guest speaker at the Black History event. Lately, my taste buds have been really put to the test. I'm eating at gatherings at Solid Rock Baptist Church. All different kinds of pasta were served. There was spaghetti with meatballs, lasagna, and pasta salads along with refreshing raspberry iced tea. The event brought forth a lot of supporters who positively reinforced the belief that she will be the next mayor of Paterson, NJ. Supports attend fundraising event at Jacksonville's in Paterson on March 29, Some Paterson residents are disgruntled with the current mayor Jeffery Jones and are looking for a positive change. The biggest complaints came during the snow storm when the city was crippled by lack of preparedness for inclement weather. Currently, there are numerous potholes which have not been repaired and effect all Paterson motorists. Dixon and friends support the next mayoral female candidate. It's all about God and timing. Silk City Love Magazine We'd love to interact with you! Create a free website Powered by. Silk City Love NJ. Supports attend fundraising event at Jacksonville's in Paterson on March 29, Some Paterson residents are disgruntled with the current mayor Jeffery Jones and are looking for a positive change.

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In , why would students take conventional schooling seriously? The current school structure is oppressive to many young people. How many educators have experienced a school day from the place of […]. Scrolling through Twitter postings of how applied science is changing our world helps me to remember that outside of the structure that is school, our world is changing exponentially. For example, this new car will be on the market next year in Europe. If a top speed of 43 mph is not your style, you […]. Sticking with that food theme, we know that most […]. I was able to share with them some of the important considerations for leadership in during our time together yesterday. Today, I want to share with them some next steps in connecting with other […]. How do we reflect? How do we share? Where are the conversations? What technology makes reflection easier? In the back of my mind for some time, has been this piece by Dean Shareski: From there, I have started a quest to learn about education in all of Canada, […]. We shared that Learning Leadership was an essential approach to effective practice in schools. The feedback from that event was that overwhelmingly, the biggest […]. On this last day of , I am going back over my year of learning. The purpose of this post is mainly to help me reflect, and to organize my work into one place for easy access. If you are reading this, I invite you to take a quick look at some of the topics […]. Julie Balen took the lead in creating a graphic and encouraging educators to participate in choosing a focus. In , we had many educators choose a focus […]. Below are some of the resources we will be...

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Donna fry for mayor

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Donna Frye talks about the challenge of reporting inappropriate behavior of the mayor to someone who reports to the mayor. Dec 7, - And I had sort of off handedly mentioned it to a reporter, and they reported Donna fry was thinking about running for mayor. Of the next morning. Dec 4, - Donna Frye proudest of her push for open government. years since the San Diego city councilwoman and almost-mayor got up on a board.

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