Does wearing a thong hurt

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#1 Does wearing a thong hurt

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Does wearing a thong hurt

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I wear a thong because I always wear tight jeans, and any other type of underwear gets all scrunched up and uncomfortable. The first time I wore one though it did feel kind of odd. I would be freaked out if I found out a guy I knew wore a thong, but go ahead and try it out if you really want to. Not to wear all the time but just once to see what they're like. I don't want to "freak anybody out. If it's made for a man, what's the issue? If he's in shape it probably looks good, so enjoy the view And Let him be himself. If, on the other hand, you repress this desire, it may eventually manifest itself as a fetish. Talking about it here is good but may or may not be enough to satisfy your curiosity depending on the depth of your desire. That's what I think anyways. Most things woman do hurts or is time consuming, just because men like them. Or because they don't want panty lines either way they are kind of uncomfortable. I think a G-string is less wedgie like, less to be wedged in, but maybe that's if you don't have a tight ass. I'm pretty sure they sell G-strings for guys. You know that wedgie sensation If you want to know for sure go for it, but I think it is nuts: I understand your curiosity. How can I function with a thong stuck between my butt cheeks all day? For ballet I barely can function without it! I had lots of comfort issues in my leotard and tights until I started wearing thong panties underneath. I was 13 then and have worn them ever since. I sympathize with you wanting to understand how a woman...

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Woooow throwback, right there. That kind of thong. When I asked for opinions on the pros and cons of thongs, the reactions I got ranged from pure hatred to high praise. This is not unlike bras. What a way to live, right? And I can do the same with underwear. That being said, a thong is just one type of underwear. So, our first stop on this underwear exploration train: There are pros and cons and I encourage you to consider them all. Take a deep breath. I prefer lace or mesh soft and breathable. I much prefer thongs to other underwear because my ass cheeks like to be free. That said, I prefer going commando. I personally love them because I wear a lot of leggings — especially working out. I wear Aerie seamless and they are quite comfortable! During pregnancy I always wore thongs for working out and whenever I was wearing leggings, but I did find that I preferred larger boy-briefs for the rest of the day because they were cozy and felt more freeing. I am and always have been a plus size , curvy, overweight woman. I also like the way thongs make me feel. They hurt my tailbone. I can feel it the whole time. It makes its way into parts unknown. The super thin stringy g-string types are NOT for me and I learned that the hard way so uncomfortable. I wear thongs every day and have for my entire adult life. I love them because they stay put and can be worn with anything. Thongs are a great option that I wear for specific outfits and days. I see no cons in my world other than the fight my mom and I got into when I discovered them in High School! When...

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Does wearing a thong hurt

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Jul 26, - Luckily, there's one easy way to avoid them: wearing thong underwear. trying to get pregnant and wondering "can thongs hurt conception? I LOVE girls that wear thong underwear. I've always wondered Most things woman do hurts or is time consuming, just because men like them. Or because they. They work wonders for panty lines, but sometimes we get the feeling that our thongs are bad for us. Sometimes.

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