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#1 Croatia nudist beaches

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Croatia nudist beaches

The term ''nude swimming'' has a very long tradition in Croatia. However, only a smaller part of the population is willing to swim naked or to do ''things'' in front of other nudists. During his cruise along the Croatian coast in together with his wife-to-be Wallis Simpson, they used to take a dip in the Kandarola Bay on the island of Rab. This way they popularized this kind of swimming on the island and in the country as well. Therefore, if you find yourself in Croatia wondering where to place your Croatia nudist beaches towel and your naked body, here is the list of the top ten most beautiful nudist beaches in Croatia. However, before you select one of them, do not ignore the rules of Croatia nudist beaches behaviour on nudist beaches or the so-called Freikorperkultur FKK. Wednesday, 11 July Home News Dubrovnik Croatia. Interviews Feature Culture Opinion. Shrimp low mein recipe Libertas Flag was Croatia nudist beaches in front of. Cavtat to broadcast Croatia vs England: The squares and public spaces will be pa. Sea water tested in Dubrovnik — Neretva County: As part of the regular testing and sampl. Croatia vs England live from the walled city of Dubrovnik: We are still not ready for Dubrovnik: Home Information Top 10 best nudist beaches in Croatia. Best nudist beaches in Croatia. The top 10 nudist beaches in Croatia are: Bunculuka beach on the island of Krk 2. Jelena beach on the island of Brac 3. Mekicevica beach on the island of Croatia nudist beaches 4. Crvena luka beach at Biograd na Moru 5. Kazela beach at Medulin, Istria 6. Podvrske beach on the island of Murter 7. Sovinje beach on the island of Croatia nudist beaches 8. Sabunike beach at Nin near Zadar 9. Sahara beach on...

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With some of the cleanest coastal waters in the world, a stunning archipelago, many UNESCO world heritage sites , numerous nature reserves and national parks , beautiful beaches and secluded coves, Croatia 's many facets appeal to and annually attract many tourists from Germany, Europe and all over the world - not in the least because of the fact that you can completely unwind and be free here, in the truest sense of the word. Croatia has a long tradition of nudism, which is still very much appreciated by naturists. The year saw the first official nudist beaches and in this context, numerous campsites where nudists can indulge in nudist pleasure without violating any rules- because not every beach is intended for the naturist. Croatia is a pioneer among destinations that have advocated toleration of nudism. And so, it is not surprising to find many beautiful beaches where nudists can sunbathe and relax. Exceptionally note-worthy are the nude beaches on the Istria n Peninsula and those to the eastern bordering Kvarner Bay. Here, nudists will find secluded bays and coastal areas that are surrounded by unspoilt nature and often have plenty of privacy and seclusion. Nudist beaches, in general, usually share a direct border to naturist campsites - such as the Koversada between Porec and Rovinj or Bunculuka by Baska on the Island of Krk. While some beaches for nudists are quite isolated or sometimes located on remote islands, there are also many beaches which are divided into a part for nudists - and one for clothed bathers. On Croatia's Istrian peninsula, there are a number of naturist beaches and campsites near Porec , Medulin , Rovinj and Vrsar. The Bunculuka Beach boasts numerous attractions such as restaurants and sport activities as well as being wheelchair accessibility. One of the...

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If you are looking for Dalmatia nudist beaches , this short guide will help you discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world right on the Central Dalmatia coast and islands, on the calm, clear, blue Adriatic Sea. Nudist beaches in Central Dalmatia: Nudist beaches in South Dalmatia: Perhaps you have not tried nude bathing and are reading this page because you are curious about trying it. This is not a style of bathing for you if you are very self-conscious of your body or feel it has to be perfect to share its visibility on a naturalist beach. Most of them are often in walking distance from centers of towns, villages or resorts. Many of the regular beaches also have a naturist section usually at the end of the beach. So, whichever Croatian destination you choose you can be sure there is a naturist beach nearby. Croatia has a long naturism tradition that goes way back in the early 20th century. For decades Croatia has been one of the favorite naturist destinations of western Europeans. Today there are more than 30 official naturist campsites, tourist villages, hotels, apartments, nude beaches and numerous more unofficial naturist bathing places. If you like exclusive naturist resorts with full equipment Croatia is for you. If you prefer unofficial, hidden, secluded nude beaches, where you can be alone, Croatia is for you. If you are a nautical naturist Croatia is ideal for you as well, and there are plenty of nudist cruises that will take you to multiple beaches. Today there are 41 marinas with all necessary accompanying facilities at your disposal. Nudist cruise around Adriatic perfect for all naturist lovers! Discover top Croatian towns and ports and explore top nudist beaches. Nudity is expected and encouraged on board for all travelers,...

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There are a lots of naturist and nudist beaches in Croatia, and we like to focus to Dalmatia. Basically, every beach that is hidden and is not crowded, is a potential nudist beach. And especially if it is on the island. And if that island is called Hvar. Hvar is so beautiful, so wild, like a big nudist beach. Lets go on with our list, and we will start with the beach on the island of Rab:. It is hard not to mention this beach. This is pebble beach and full with facilities like restaurants, bars or shower. Beach can be reached with the taxi boat from the town of Rab. This beautiful beach is named as best Croatian beach in Beach is pebble and rocky. But that rocks are really smooth. As many beaches is not primary naturist, but is well hidden and no one will mind if you take your clothes off. There are no bars, restaurants or showers on the island. Lokrum is a small not inhabited island in from of Dubrovnik. It is one of the smallest islands in the southern Croatia. There is even a small salty lake on the island. Most of the beaches are rock, and well hidden. By the image you will notice that the beach is well hidden with that beautiful cliff, so you can enjoy here in the private. Nugal is only beach on ours list that is not located on the island. It is located near the city of Makarska, and it can be easily reached. It was noted as one of the 15 best nudist beaches in the world. This small island is full of small beaches, and for sure you will find a perfect spot just for you! We hope you liked our list, and that...

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The Croatian coast is known as the destination for nature lovers, so we compiled a list of the most popular naturist beaches in Croatia. Detailed descriptions of the beaches as well as photos will help you find your piece of paradise among the many FKK beaches on our coast. Whether you prefer to revel in beautiful nature or just enjoy the clean sea and the proximity of all the contents, you will surely find the beach that suits you perfectly. The long-standing tradition of naturism in Croatia has provided numerous places where lovers of bathing without redundant pieces of clothing can be unhindered an enjoy complete freedom and be one with nature. There are numerous FKK beaches on the Croatian coast, and among them, besides the official naturist beaches, there are also unofficial, where the tradition of swimming without clothing comes from the past. Browse the locations, photos and descriptions of the FKK beach and choose the ideal setting for your vacation. Escape from everyday urban crowds, return to the sea, nature and peace in an accommodation in a lighthouse. Would you like to save money when booking your next trip? You will receive only the very best offers, news and discounts in your inbox. I agree that my personal data, given here, will be processed and used in order to receive timely and comprehensive information related to special offers, promotions, prize games, and other offers available on www. Remote cottages Beachfront accommodation. Holiday homes Last minute. Look for the most beautiful beach in Croatia for an unforgettable vacation. Lighthouses in Croatia Escape from everyday urban crowds, return to the sea, nature and peace in an accommodation in a lighthouse. Remote cottages in Croatia Escape from everyday life and spend your holidays in a remote island cottage. Pebble and larger...

Croatia nudist beaches

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May 8, - Learn about Croatia's nude beaches: Where are the nude beaches? Who goes to the nude beaches? Nude beach etiquette. Beautiful beach. Jul 15, - Croatian coast is so gorgeous that everywhere is a beach. So why would you #9 Nudity at Croatia top beaches is confusing, part 1. This is my. Feb 9, - List of best nudist and naturist beaches in Croatia. List includes: Frkanj Rab, Proizd Korčula, Lokrum Dubrovnik, Nugal Makarska and Jerolim.

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