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#1 Country wide sucks

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Country wide sucks

In the summer ofAlison ellis sheffield assault subprime empire that Wall Street had built all came crashing down. On average, fifty lenders a month were going bust-and the people responsible for the crisis included not just unregulated loan brokers and con artists, but also investment bankers and home loan institutions traditionally perceived as completely trustworthy. Chain of Blame chronicles this incredible disaster, with a specific focus Country wide sucks the players who participated in such a fundamentally flawed fiasco. In it, authors Paul Muolo and Mathew Padilla reveal the truth behind how this crisis occurred, including what individuals and institutions were doing during this critical time, and who is ultimately responsible for what happened. Intriguing and informative, Chain of Blame is a compelling story Country wide sucks greed Countrry avarice, one in which many are responsible, but few are willing Country wide sucks admit their mistakes. I purchased this book in hopes of acquiring a greater understanding of how sucjs economy and housing market reached their present precarious states. Sucjs of the reviews that Country wide sucks read for the book were Mathew Padilla is a business journalist whose work on the implosion of the Southern California subprime industry was recognized by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. On average, fifty lenders a month were going bust-and the people responsible Female ass fetish webcam the crisis included not just unregulated Paul MuoloMathew Padilla. An updated and revised look at the truth behind Country wide sucks housing and mortgage bubbles In the summer ofthe subprime empire that Wall Street had built all came crashing down. Discusses the latest revelations in the housing and mortgage crisis, including the SEC's charging of Angelo Mozilo Two well-regarded financial journalists familiar with the events that have taken place chronicle the crisis...

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The branch was divided into two sections: As you entered the branch someone from the sales would always stand up, greet you and with all the courtesy ask about the reason for your visit. As soon as you revealed your renting intentions you were forwarded to the second class lettings section. Different rules applied there. You could forget about all that courtesy, you clearly were not worth it. One day as I came to report the broken toilet and was explaining the reason of my visit to a sales person, a lettings agent would shout across the room and across other worthless beings looking for a flat to rent:. So much for 'Hello'. Seriously, I was gobsmacked. Not that I'm particularly sensitive to rude people, I worked on the docks before, it was just something you would not expect from a person projecting on the surface an image of a professional and in front of other customers, even second class customers. In the end I had to repair the toiled myself at my own expense in my own time as the issue was rather urgent - the toilet mechanism was all knackered and metered water was pouring out onto the street. Hence I started scouring the web for answers and found a few opinions that confirmed that I was not an exception, what I was witnessing was their normal way of conducting a business. Would you want to deal with anyone with such miserable feedback? Here is what other reviewers said and I agree with:. I have never heard about this 'prestigious', as some other agencies call it, award. You will not find anything about this award in the press, only on letting agencies' websites. This award is most likely a prize given from industry to itself for most efficient...

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Tuesday, April 3, Countrywide Sucks! I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to write about for awhile now, but I couldn't narrow it down. I knew it had to be something that I was passionate about, something that interested other people than just myself and something that could help others. Was I going through anything personal that someone else might be experiencing or had experienced previously? Was it the Little Guy vs. Was it something that could affect my life, my family's life and many others all over the country? What is it you ask? Oh, I think you know, my friend! Look at my title! We must be thinking the same thing, right? My story is a long one, so this initial post is going to be a teaser. I'm in a time crunch right now. I promise to write more later Anyway, we bought our first home just over 2 years ago and as you can guess, it wasn't a pleasant experience. Let me say this now just to get it out of the way - HOW does such a large company stay in business with so many idiots as their representatives?? It really boggles my mind! I mean, how do those people keep their jobs? Where does Countrywide get their employees? I have never seen such ineptness before in my life! There were screwups from Day 1 and even though I was a novice to homebuying I knew that the company was messed up More later, I promise! Oh, and please share your stories, as well! I'm going to include information regarding class action lawsuits in the future, too. Posted by CWsucks at 3: Countrywide , countrywide sucks , home , home loans , house , loans , mortgage. About Me CWsucks View my complete...

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Country wide sucks

Don't Let Your Bank Win

Apr 3, - Countrywide Sucks! I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to write about for awhile now, but I couldn't narrow it down. I knew it had to be. I want to hear from some of the people screwed over by countrywide mortgage. Countrywide and its competitors ramped up to take refi applications, but then Mozilo was asked how the market was, he gave his best Bronx spin: “It sucks.

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