Cosworth engine in a mg midget

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#1 Cosworth engine in a mg midget

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Cosworth engine in a mg midget

Fitting this engine created a list of modifications as long as your arm! Welded in new modified bespoke mount brackets to accept standard RV8 engine mounts. Bespoke engine brackets created and bolted to block. Standard Cosworth V6 tensioner. Alternator belt is measured specially for this set-up. Modified front crankshaft pulley — only one belt track required. Thus enables the engine unit Missy peregrym sex scene be located neatly behind the steering rack keeping the majority of the weight low and central for optimum handling. Alloy cam covers and plenum chamber stripped and repainted in wrinkle-finish black to replicate the dashboard. Injection system requires a feed and return set up. Rubber Large breasts in body paint sender unit modified with a 15mm filtered pick up, then feeding the high pressure rubber insulated fuel injection pump mounted adjacent to the battery box. No balance pipe used or required for this system. Single silencers located at the rear beside the centralised fuel tank and hung with four modified early MGB exhaust mounts. Mounted using a hybrid Ford and MGB cross member. Hybrid Ford and MGB gear lever. Modified bell housing to accept clutch hydraulic pipe and braided hose. Modified MGB rubber Cosworth engine in a mg midget radiator reconditioned with an extra core and larger inlet and outlet pipes. Vauxhall electric fan switch fitted in a threaded adaptor soldered in the radiator. Overflow to standard MGB micget tank located on inner wing. Standard MGB heater box with Cosworth engine in a mg midget resistor fitted to the blower motor to give it mmidget speed as well as fast. Uprated Cosworth engine in a mg midget and in-line heater valve from VW Golf Mk1. Bulkhead top reinforced for stabiliser. Original heater box retained for purpose. Genral fire spokane under-floor chassis legs...

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This thread is from the archive. A bit more progress as had 2 days on it last week with a good friend who fabricated the engine and gearbox mounts for me Also progress on the dash. Block with engine mounts. Engine in car with cosworth head on. Dash with gauges trial fitted , Smiths magnolia. Type 9 with gearbox mount made and fitted. What year is the car? What clutch set up are you going to use? Nice job andy the crossworth will makes the show what type of carberation and ignition. Nice looking install Andy, any chance of a picture from underneath I'd like to see where you came through the body with the bulkhead connector. Also are you using Goodridge hose and connectors for the lines inside the car - I am going with even though its expensive as I don't want any fumes inside. Is your return to tank in the filler hose? I'm not a great fan of that method much prefer to return to the top of the tank. Prop - looking at the swirl pot etc I'd guess its going to be on injection. Hi guys, Carburation will be taken car of by throttle bodies probably jenvey or omex, either taper bodies or the ones that look externally like DCOE carbs, need to get the bonnet on next to check the clearance so i can decide. Martyn - ref the bulkhead connecter i used a hole that was already there and enlarged it, may be the breather hole for the old system? Ref hose i am using a torques which is an inner reinforced with stainless steel and then nylon covered , it is the same spec as an earls one that is certified to be used in cabin but i cant remember the...

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The photo below is from the August issue of MG Enthusiast which detailed the work undertaken by Roger in conjunction with John Hill's of Redditch, using the 2. The engine is mounted to a Rover 77mm 5 speed gearbox. So the creation of an in line 16 valve engine simply follows the use of the same post Sherpa parts as previously listed. Fitting follows the same rules as the previous O2 and 5-speed fit, except that now you have a much larger head assembly and so you need more room. The top edge of the cam cover in particular ends up so close to the bonnet that the reinforcing brace halfway along the underside of the bonnet gets in the way and has to be removed or moved! I used the M16 in and again in for two MGB conversions. Bolting to an LT77 or R involves nothing more than post Sherpa parts and the same source is needed for sump, oil pick up, end plate flywheel crang sensor, starter and a few other odds and ends. This also applies exactly for the T16, although now the grouped ancillaries want to occupy the space where the left chassis rail is in an MGB. M16 provides a simple solution and in fact one of the T16 Turbo FWD cars I helped build went this route as it had no PAS and was previously fitted with an M16 so there was a suitable ancillary layout available. On my later M16 MGB conversion because the standard cast exhaust of M or T series wants to go through the same left chassis rail, I used a T16 turbo exhaust manifold without the turbo to solve the space problem with a home made downpipe that had to be curved sharply around the starter which sits...

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Cosworth engine in a mg midget

Fitting the T Series

Apr 3, - A bit more progress as had 2 days on it last week with a good friend who fabricated the engine and gearbox mounts for me. Also progress on. MGB Roadster Cosworth V6 BOA Fuel Injected Conversion . Oil pressure picked up from MG Midget adaptor on engine block via copper pipe and braided flexi. The engine is mounted to a Rover 77mm 5 speed gearbox. M16 provides a simple solution and in fact one of the T16 Turbo FWD cars I helped build bay like the Sierra/Escort Cosworth engines and visible in the Cosworth engined MGB.

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