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Cosmo teen mag

Teen magazines were treasured objects during my formative years: Absolutely none of the sex or relationship advice was relevant, and I didn't actually buy most of the fashion or beauty picks I enthusiastically dog-eared. But savoring a print glossy from cover to cover was basically my favorite form Cismo entertainment. Poring over teen titles certainly prompted my career path. It shuttered when I was in kindergarten, alas. Nostalgia aside, I was struck by the sheer variety I had and took for granted. Today's teen doesn't have nearly as many options on the newsstand. Cosmo teen mag Z's media diet is certainly more varied than mine ever could've been — it might be purely digital and mostly mobile-driven at that, thanks to, say, Snapchat Discover and Instagram as viable news mediums. In print, Teen Vogue and Seventeen are the only titles available to the teen or tween; magazines are aspirational, after all. A number of teen titles shuttered before or during the recession — YM ceased publication inTeen People and Elle Girl both Cosmo teen mag the dust in though ElleGirl. So, this change didn't just transpire. But the two enduring teen glossies have shaken up their leadership Cosmo teen mag lately: Less than two years ago, Cosmopolitan 's editor-in-chief and publisher started overseeing Seventeen Measurements of swimsuit models well. There's Csmo speculation over time that Teen Vogu e Cosmo teen mag be folded into Vogueor just cease print operations completely. So what do all these changes mean for the future of the teen title? Do teens even want or need print magazines anymore? As essential as digital content indisputably has become, I'm forever a champion of print; I certainly hope the answer is a resounding yes. Ahead, 15 experts on the topic — including teen-magazine editors past and present,...

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Most teen magazines did. Of the dozens that have surfaced since the very first teen magazine, Seventeen , was founded in , only four remain: Here, we look back at all the teen magazines that have folded for one reason lame cover stars? Matilda Publications, Lang Communications. It was so much more than that. It was founded by a bodybuilder who also manufactured workout supplements. Instead of offering tips for getting skinny and wooing boys, it ran stories about playing sports and being buff. One summer, my copy of the July issue accompanied me daily to the neighborhood pool so I could do the underwater workout. I still remember what a wrinkled, water-stained mess it was by the time school rolled around. There was fashion and beauty and quizzes, like any proper teen magazine. Around that time, they brought on Sassy vet Christina Kelly in hopes that she could breathe new life into its pages. She featured plus-sized models, something no one was doing back then, and published stories about gay proms. It was the most successful magazine launch in Time Inc. Less than three years after it went to print, founding editor Christina Ferrari resigned and fled to Europe. And because it was intended for both boys and girls, there was refreshingly little love advice and none of the weird anti-feminism agendas occasionally found in other teen mags. Apparently they were good friends in ? She departed after a few years to take over at Jane , and Christina Kelly, who was something of a teen magazine wizard by this point, stepped in. Kelly also did time at Jane , held the top post at YM , and had gotten her start as the music writer at Sassy. She no longer works in teen magazines, but she does write...

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The teenage spin-off of Cosmopolitan magazine, it targeted teenage girls and featured fashion and celebrities. It was published ten times a year and reached approximately eight million readers before folding. The last issue was December Subscribers instead received issues of fellow Hearst publication, Seventeen. The magazine was founded by Atoosa Rubenstein , who was asked to create a mock issue. She repeatedly scrawled the word "Girl! When she and her husband woke up, they were covered in lipstick. Ann Shoket was the executive editor before leaving the magazine to replace Atoosa Rubenstein as the editor-in-chief of fellow Hearst magazine, Seventeen. The last editor-in-chief was Susan Schulz, who was reassigned to special projects at Hearst Magazines. Like Elle Girl magazine, which closed in , CosmoGirl continued their website. Inside each issue of CosmoGirl, there was an interview and photo shoot with a current celebrity, a beauty section featuring hair, skin, and makeup tips and trends, a fashion section highlighting various spreads of trends and clothes, and the Stars section which included articles on celebrities other than those featured on the cover. A monthly free calendar allowed readers to win various prizes by typing in a code to enter for a chance to win a prize on the magazine's website. There was also a section introduced in March named JSYK Just So You Know , which had advice and stories of how readers fell in love, and a shocking real-life story. There were also embarrassing stories, and a manga comic featuring a character named CG. Project was created in It was named because that was when the youngest readers would be thirty-five years old, old enough to run for President of the United States. Project was about helping young girls realize their dreams and has been supported by Senator Hillary...

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Cosmo teen mag

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Your source for the latest sex tips, celebrity news, dating and relationship help, beauty tutorials, fashion trends, and more. Aug 19, - A look at the state of the teen magazine, past, present, and future. YM, Teen People, and CosmoGIRL, dating back at least a decade. Aug 27, - As you well know, CosmoGirl! was the best. This teen publication — which now only lives online — featured standard mag fare like celebrity.

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