Controllin sexual urges

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#1 Controllin sexual urges

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Controllin sexual urges

I seem to be constantly horny for lack Cotrollin a better term…sorry. Urtes fiance and I have sex maybe once a week; we both work hard and usually only have sex on the weekend. If I could have sex three times a day, I probably would. She does not represent herself Conrtollin be a psychologist, therapist, counselor or professional helper of any sort. Her responses are offered from the perspective of a friend or mentor only. Anne intends her responses to provide general information to the readership of this website; answers should not be understood to be specific advice intended for any particular individual s. Questions submitted to this column are not guaranteed to receive responses. No correspondence takes place. Always consult with your psychotherapist, physician, or psychiatrist first before changing any aspect of your treatment regimen. Do not stop your medication or change the dose of your medication without first consulting with your physician. I definitely think you should talk to your fiance about this problem without putting pressure on her. It is possible that you simply need to urged up your love life. Instead of planning for sex only on the weekend, try catching her off guard and surprise her with something as simple as flowers…bring back the element of romance to your relationship. It sounds as though sex has become somewhat of a chore at least for her. If after talking with your fiance you find that she truly is too tired to have sex more than once a week, there are a few solutions for you. It is possible for you to get rid of your extra energy through exercise. Try joining a gym or taking up jogging. Best of luck to you, — Anne. More "Ask Anne" View Columnists. I completly understand where you are....

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How can a Muslim overcome sexual desires and give up masturbation? Sexual desire is actually a feeling that Allah swt bestowed humanbeings for the continuation of generation. It is a natural matter fitrah but more than that, a gift, because if there was no pleasure in sexual desire, people would not face up to the heavy responsibilities and troubles of giving birth, raising children etc. Since the generation of mankind should go on, man is given sexual desire as a worldly reward for carrying out the troublesome duty of continuation of generation. One of the most important precautions to take in order to control the sexual desires is to avoid places, images, views, media and any cause that provoke lust. Surely, adultery does not come out suddenly. Actually, there is a way to relieve sexual desire without falling into immorality. A halal, permissible way. A way, which is also the main purpose of this desire; marriage. So, the Blessed Prophet pbuh advises young to get married to prevent themselves from immorality:. Since companions of a person have a great impact on his social life, Islam places tremendous importance on making friends and advices Muslims to avoid companions who will lead to evil acts ending in regret. So to avoid falling into the trap of sexual desires, having good friends is extremely important. Because, what underlies many wrong actions is actually wrong friends and a wrong social environment encouraging to wrongdoing. Besides, on the Day Judgement, there will be a great sorrow and regret because of having wrong friends:. Ah, would that I had chosen a way together with the messenger of Allah! Ah, would that I had never taken such a one for friend! He verily led me astray from the Reminder after it had reached me. Satan was ever...

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As stated in many places on this website, science has proven that everything is made of energy. Your energy field has certain centers, often called chakras. When you express mental or emotional energy, you express it through these energy centers. One of the energy centers is located at the base of your spine at the same height as the genitals. In esoteric teachings, this is often called the base chakra. When you are exposed to suggestive energies from the outside, this energy often enters your base chakra and pollutes it. The desires of your carnal mind can also pollute your base chakra. This can cause the base chakra to be miscolored, and for many people this chakra radiates red or orange light. If the base chakra is pure, it radiates pure white light. When you feel a physical stimulation, that stimulation begins in your base chakra. The chakra begins to spin and to radiate misqualified sexual energy which then arouses your physical organs. In other words, physical arousal always begins with energy in the base chakra. If you want to sublimate the spiritual energy, you must cause the energy to rise from the level of the base chakra to the energy center in the middle of your chest, often called the heart chakra. I suggest the following visualization: As soon as you feel any kind of sexual stimulation, make an immediate decision to stop the energy from flowing into you sexual organs. Focus your attention on your base chakra and visualize that it begins to spin more quickly so that it throws off all imperfect energy and begins to radiate pure white light. To help with this visualization, you might visualize myself or my blessed mother, the Virgin Mary, over your base chakra. Certain Ascended Masters are associated with certain...

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Feeling the urge to have sex is a normal part of human nature. However, these feelings can sometimes interfere with daily life and relationships, sometimes in a very detrimental way. Finding ways to control your sexual urges may help you improve your quality of life, your relationships, and your productivity. You can learn to avoid situations that make you have sexual urges. You can talk to others about your concerns, even seeking professional help if you feel your sexual urges are negatively impacting your life. Log in Facebook Loading We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Get out of your current environment. Try to step away from any environment where you feel it's difficult to control your urges. If you are at home and feeling a compulsion to masturbate, for example, try taking a quick walk to the store. It might also be helpful to have someone to help keep you accountable, such as a trusted friend or even a therapist. Keep a to-do list in your pocket. Write down all the tasks, errands, or things around the house you need to do today. If you are feeling the need to engage in a compulsive behavior, look at your list and distract yourself with another activity. If you think it is unlikely that you will be able to do something productive when you experience a strong sexual urge, then try to keep an easy distraction on hand, such as a good book or a puzzle you can work on. Postpone your behavior until a later time. Putting off the compulsive behavior makes you think about your behavior before committing to it. It also helps you tolerate uncomfortable feelings and distress. You may only be comfortable postponing your behavior for one...

#5 Sideeffects of masturbation

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Sideeffects of masturbation

People on a spiritual journey might wish to control their sex drive so that they can focus on less worldly pursuits. Other individuals find their overactive sex drive is out of sync with their partner's sex drive or if they have no partner, a high sex drive might only result in frustration. You can control your libido with some simple lifestyle changes. A high sex drive is not necessarily a bad impulse, if you can find a way to make it work in your life. Talk to your doctor about your sex drive. An unusually high sex drive, also known as hypersexuality or nymphomania, might be the sign of a serious medical condition, such as bipolar disorder or adrenal cancer. If your doctor suspects you have a sex addiction, she might refer you to a psychologist or therapist for treatment. Medications are also available to reduce your libido. Consider your reasons for wanting to lower your sex drive. If you want to control your libido for religious reasons, talk to your spiritual adviser for assistance. Don't be embarrassed because he has likely dealt with the issue before. If you are in a relationship, talk frankly with your partner about mutual desire or sexual expectations. Do not view pornography or read explicit books. Pay attention to your thoughts to see whether there are specific objects, settings or people that evoke a sexual response in you, and avoid them as much as possible. Engage your body in sports, exercise or yoga. Keep your body busy and active so that you don't feel physically frustrated from not having sex. If you find yourself becoming aroused, think of nonsexual images, and try to engage yourself in some other activity until the feeling passes. Pursue nonsexual relationships with people. Consider traveling or taking up a...

Controllin sexual urges

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Learn how to control sex feelings by studying this page on how to control sexual desire. In addition, practice how to control sexual urges with these tips on how. Aug 5, - My sex drive seems like it's out of control. I seem to be .. my struggle to control my sex urge. . How do I control my urges and moderate them. How can a Muslim overcome sexual desires and give up masturbation? In this article, we'll try to shed light on the “ways to control the sexual desire” and.

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