Colorado nurse health professional shortage scholarship

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#1 Colorado nurse health professional shortage scholarship

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Colorado nurse health professional shortage scholarship

Rural areas that are underserved are often host to sites that are approved or are able to become approved. Before considering these recruitment programs and options, it is useful to understand if your site is in a Health Professional Shortage Area HPSAwhich is required to participate in most programs, and if your site is an approved site type. The National Health Service Corps has an online list of approved site types. Some programs have slightly different criteria noted belowwhen applicable. The following information is framed for a potential site seeking to recruit a new provider. Note that most of these programs offer a yearly application cycle, although this may be dependent upon funding streams. Federal Approved site types: Fact sheet Money available per applicant: Funds are not taxable. NHSC-approved sites Additional information: Money available per applicant: Public or private nonprofit Critical Shortage Facilities, listed in the fact sheet. Licensed registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, nursing faculty, or nurse practitioners Length of time for service: Repays 60 percent of a qualifying educational loan balance in exchange for two years of service at a critical shortage facility. Participants may be eligible to work a third year and receive an additional 25 percent of the qualifying loan balance. Public or private nonprofit Critical Shortage Facilities Professions: Students accepted or enrolled in a diploma, associate, baccalaureate or graduate nursing programs Samuel peeps fire of london Nursing Bridge Programs: Application and Program Guidance Money available per applicant: Scholarships include tuition, fees, reasonable costs, and a monthly living stipend while in school. Colorado nurse health professional shortage scholarship Health Service Loan Repayment Program A wide range of health care providers are offered loan repayment assistance in exchange for serving at least 2 years full-time at an Indian health program site. Indian Health Programs Professions: See...

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Rural areas face a documented shortage of essential healthcare professionals, especially in primary care fields. According to a federal report, Projecting the Supply and Demand for Primary Care Practitioners Through , the demand for healthcare professionals is only expected to grow. In addition, the rising costs of education directly impacts the ability of students to pursue a healthcare degree, compounding the rural health workforce shortage. To help address this, many federal and state programs assist new healthcare professionals and students with the burden of cost. Scholarships, loans, and loan forgiveness programs are all potential options for health professions students to pay for their education. Scholarships offer money without a requirement to repay and loans supply funding that students repay after completion of a degree program; loan forgiveness programs are a hybrid of the two. Loan forgiveness programs provide loans to health professions students for education-related expenses. In exchange for forgiveness of the debts, students sign a service contract to practice at a facility located in a rural or underserved area upon completion of a degree. Loan repayment programs are offered to healthcare professionals who have already completed their education. In exchange for money to reduce or eliminate educational debt, healthcare professionals must meet the conditions of the program, which typically include working in a facility located in a rural or underserved area. Successful health education financial aid programs are operated with the intent of attracting and supporting the kind of person who will thrive and remain in a rural community. Students with rural backgrounds and students who have experienced training in rural areas during their education are much more likely to seek out and practice in rural areas upon graduation, according to the American Academy of Family Physician's position paper, Rural Practice, Keeping Physicians In. Loan repayment and financial aid,...

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Colorado nurse health professional shortage scholarship

Articles and resources on key rural health issues, from the Rural Health Information Hub

Solving Colorado's Health Professionals Shortage: Initial Lessons Learned from the Health Professions Initiative Evaluation report was . will likely face shortages in physicians, nurses, The Trust made grants to 22 organizations across. Grants available for undergraduate students who are Colorado residents. designated Health Professional Shortage Areas for a minimum of two years. For Colorado nursing students who agree to remain in Colorado to practice nursing. Review the following NURSE Corps Scholarship Program requirements to find out. health care professionals to provide care and treatment in their communities. your minimum two years of service at an eligible Critical Shortage sancti-petri.infog: colorado.

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