Clothes dryer blows fuses

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#1 Clothes dryer blows fuses

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Clothes dryer blows fuses

Display posts from previous: Sort by Author Post time Ascending Descending. Rotate image Save Cancel. My dryer is blowing fuses!! I have a whirlpool dryer about 3 years old. It started Suck me dude my screw in fuses on my panel. It happened more then a month ago but gradually gets worse and worse to the point that it blows one every 10 minutes or so. I have two 30 amp screw in fuses for the dryer on the panel. Only one of it blows. I just bought a new dryer today at sears and hooked it up, but the problem still persists I can rule out Clothes dryer blows fuses it's not the dryer that's the Clothes dryer blows fuses. I have to check the contacts Kansas craw daddies Clothes dryer blows fuses the panel, maybe the contacts are getting dirty. Am i supposed to be using a cartridge fuse in an adapter for the dryer? At the moment, i'm using two 30 amp screw in fuses. There is nothing connected to the same line, it's just the dryer to the panel. I really hope that its the contacts that might need to be polished again. I, like you, suspect that you have some bad house wiring. Either the dryer receptical, the fuse panel or even in the length of wire itself chaffed, worn, broken etc. In the 21st Century deleting history has become far more important than making it. Your Clothes dryer blows fuses is most likely with the dryer Clothes dryer blows fuses to Clothes dryer blows fuses panel. Over time insulation wears down and sometimes you will get a short if the conductor becomes bare or the insulation is very thin. This can be due to a number of reasons, but they all produce...

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Big community funding update! Why does the dryer fuse keep blowing? May 19, 3: A few months ago the fuse blew on the dryer's circuit in the basement the dryer is the only appliance on the circuit. I replaced both fuses there are two on the circuit, one for each lead. A week later, another fuse blew. Assuming the dryer was to blame it was about 40 years old I replaced the dryer. Now the fuse has blown again. Each time a fuse has blown the dryer was in use, suggesting that the circuit is overloaded. They are 30 amp fuses, which is the correct amperage according to the dryer manual and what's on the electrical box. The fuses are probably pretty old the replacements I found just lying on top of the electrical box in a sealed blister pack and had probably been purchased years ago , but I didn't think fuses would expire. What could be going wrong? Your wiring is old and the insulation is degrading and when the dryer is on it's heating up and dead shorting? Have an electrician in. You will probably have to upgrade to a circuit breaker. Electricity isn't anything to screw around with. This is definitely not something you try to cope with yourself. This is where you bring in a pro. Could something else be on the same circuit? We used to own a house where the breaker would trip when a hair dryer upstairs in the bathroom and the microwave down in the kitchen were on at the same time. Something you don't know about that is. I am an electrician, but not your electrician. If you have fuses, you have an old set-up. You need to think about up-grading your electrical system regardless of this problem. Convert from...

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Your web page is phenomenal! Here's a story you might be interested in. This dryer has two fuses; it always blew the same one - the one that handled the heating coils. So you'd put in a load and the motor would run, but nothing would get dry. I'd replace the fuse and then all would be fine - for 2 weeks. I figured it couldn't be a short in the dryer or the fuse would blow right away, right? I checked that the outlet wasn't obstructed with lint. I checked that the drum rotated freely when turned by hand. I measured the current draw with my clamp-on ammeter and all was normal, on both fuses. What strange intermittent problem was causing this fuse to blow? I finally looked closely at the fuse socket and discovered that the threads were a uniform light brown in color. I got out my voltmeter and found that I got zero volts from the center terminal to the threaded shell of the socket - unless I pressed down hard with the probe. Somehow this socket had built up a layer of corrosion or varnish or something over the years. Inserting a new fuse tightly was enough to establish contact to make the dryer run, but with enough resistance to cause the fuse to heat up. Since the fuse is unable to distinguish between overheating because too much current is flowing through it and overheating because, well because it's just too hot, it would blow. I carefully sanded the varnish off the socket until it was a nice shiny silver color, put in a new fuse, and it's been fine ever since over 1 year now. I found this case interesting because what looked for all the world like an intermittent, really wasn't. Back to...

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Dryer heater won't cycle on and off. Vents are clear because I can feel cold air from outside when dryer is off. I've also inspected ducts. Can a damaged blower wheel cause the cycling thermostat to fail or the thermal fuse to blow? Thank you all for your suggestions. It was the blower wheel that was the problem. I replaced it, and everything is back to normal. Just wanted to ask , I noticed the heater is still on after the cycle ends. That is why my fuse are burn all the time. Every time I have to pull the plug off the wall. July 1 by davidbenda. Suspect thermostat may be faulty as it should switch off heater when temperature is reached and not allow the temp to continue to rise and therefore cause the thermal safety fuses to blow these are safeguards against a potential fire hazard. Thermal fuses burn out to prevent fires. All dryers have a high limit safety thermostat that cuts power to the element at a lower temperature than the thermal fuse burnout temperature. In addition, the dryer may have a thermometer and temperature control or a simple thermostat. So there are three temperature sensors in most dryers, and the thermal fuse is the last. The leading cause of thermal fuse burnout is obstructed airflow. Check the exhaust path for excessive lint or debris all the way to the exit point of the exhaust pipe. Check the blower wheel to make sure it isn't broken or clogged up. This can be done by using "cool down" or "air fluff" mode. If the unit has a lint trap on the outside of the drum, make sure it seals up when installed. If there is good airflow and the heater is working correctly, the thermal fuse...

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Clothes dryer blows fuses

The electric dryer kept blowing fuses. Everything seemed normal except . . . . .

I have a whirlpool dryer about 3 years old. It started blowing my screw in fuses on my panel. Time delay fuses are used where there is an electric motor starting up and the heavier start up current in the first few seconds. Nov 23, - When a Dryer Fuse Blows. This is different from the electrical fuses that are found in many appliances, and a dryer might have both. A thermal fuse will blow when the temperature gets too high, not when it's drawing too much current. When it blows, the dryer stops generating heat. Warning: Do not connect a washing machine and a tumble dryer to the same fuse circuit. The power required by the two appliances combined would exceed

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