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Chicago boyz military affairs

We spent today at Ypres an the huge military cemeteries from the battles of the Ypres Salient. The First Battle ended the Race to the Sea and began the trench warfare of the next four years. These trenches are the originals preserved by the property owner who probably has cleaned out debris over the years. The owners of the cafe are the children of the original owners of the property who preserved these relics. Their museum has many objects no doubt excavated from the fields around. Recent highway construction, which has now been suspended, has sffairs buried in a trench during the war, which are preserved. The bodies of 21 German soldiers entombed in a perfectly preserved World War One shelter have been discovered 94 years Chicago boyz military affairs they were killed. The men were part of a larger group of 34 who were buried alive when a huge Allied shell exploded above the affais incausing it to cave in. Thirteen bodies were recovered from the underground Penis rings thongs, but the remaining men had to be left under a mountain of mud as it was too dangerous to retrieve them. Nearly a century later, French archaeologists stumbled upon the mass grave on the former Western Front in eastern France during excavation work for a road building project. The road building has been suspended for now but miliyary construction project in this area uncovered evidence of war dead. Today we visited an enormous memorial for the war dead whose bodies were never recovered. It is called the Menin Chicago boyz military affairs Memorial and the names of 54, dead are posted on the walls representing most of the dead from the Ypres Salient who could not be identified. The cathedral was rebuilt from a stump of the tower....

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Square pegs steve sax

Twenty Million Tons Under the Sea: A pal, a former destroyer officer as it happens, gave me this book with the highest possible recommendation. Rear Admiral Gallery was a salty character. He gives excellent and colorful and opinionated explanations of all aspects of the war against the U-Boats, with many anecdotes. A most educational read, and a page-turner. Today is pretty much an aberration. I am expecting a severely cold winter this year, based on pure guesswork and gut feel, speculation about sunspot activity and its effect, contrarianism about global warning, general pessimism, and not much else. Just a picture on a table Just some letters Mama saved And a costume broach from England On the back it has engraved: To Eileen, I love you London, nineteen forty-three. And she never heard from him again And he never heard of me. Mom on 30th October All posts by Sgt. The searchers found it, the ghost ship, when they were looking for something else; it lay, broken but deceptively complete, draped across the crest of a dune, like a seabird on the flat swells of a calm sea. But this metal bird had landed in a desolate and frozen sand sea, an aeronautical Mary Celeste , all of itself, and remained eerily preserved. Posted by onparkstreet on 3rd October All posts by onparkstreet. If you go on YouTube, you can see Sirajuddin Haqqani with President Reagan at the White House, because during the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the United States Government, through the CIA, funded jihadis, funded groups like the Haqqanis to cross the border or to, within Afghanistan, be part of the fight to drive the Soviets out and bring down the Soviet Union. And we are now both in a situation that is highly complex and difficult...

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Symptoms of a bad prostate

Institutions that had little wartime publicity and have no direct organizational descendent to tell their stories in the modern American military. Their story was hidden behind veils of wartime censorship, Mid-World War 2 American Army organizational restructuring and the post war demobilization. Since October , mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents. No more surveillance or undercover string[sic] operations without high-level approval from a special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed the Sensitive Operations Review Committee. Who makes up this body, and how do they decide requests? Nobody knows; the names of the chairman, members and staff are kept secret. We do know the panel was set up under pressure from Islamist groups who complained about FBI stings at mosques. This is especially true with regard to his intelligence operations. MacArthur developed a wide ranging set of intelligence institutions that supported his drive to the Philippines, which answered only to him, and through him to Washington, DC. And every one of them gave their chief loyalty to MacArthur. Of the men of the 21st BDS that landed there, eleven men were killed and 37 wounded. That is a It was late afternoon of June 5, Eisenhower had given the order to launch the invasion. There was a window in the bad weather, and it was a calculated risk that they could get the army across the Channel and landed in France. Very high losses were expected among these men, men whose fate Eisenhower had personally decided a few hours before. Eisenhower was an excellent football player, which got him into West Point. He was also a very good football coach, coaching teams at his various army posts during his career. You can see him here, doing what he knew how to do, giving the team the pre-game...

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Short hispanic nude women

Meteors were sent to the Continent in early , they were restricted in their operating area for fear of having downed aircraft captured by the Germans or the Soviets and were used for airfield defense and ground-attack missions. Mom on 30th March All posts by Sgt. Perhaps the 19th century died as early as It depended on which front, of course, and the combatants involved, still standing on their feet, but wavering like punch-drunken, exhausted pugilists. One may readily theorize that only blood-drenched enmity kept them propped up, swinging futilely at each other, while the lists of casualties from this or that offensive filled page after page of newsprint; all in miniscule typeface, each single name — so small in print, yet a horrific, tragic loss for a family and community hundreds of miles from the Front. But softly, slowly, slowly, softly — American sympathies swung towards the Allies, even though there were enough first- and second-generation Americans among German and Irish immigrants to have swung American public opinion among non-Anglo or Francophile elements towards maintaining a continued neutrality. After all, it was a war far, far, away, and nothing much to do with us … at first. But events conspired; the brutality of the Huns in Belgium documented by American newspapers , unrestricted submarine warfare which extended to American shipping and, inevitably, American casualties , and finally, the publication of the Zimmerman Telegram — and in the spring of , President Wilson formally requested of Congress that a declaration of war on Imperial Germany be considered and voted upon. Said declaration was passed by an overwhelming margin, and by summer of that year, American troops were arriving in France — first in a trickle, then a flood. Trump over Russia besides:. Tillerson was working with the EU to...

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Alcohol fasd poster pregnancy use

Mom on 14th June All posts by Sgt. I freely confess to having initially thought that when Donald Trump threw his hat into the political ring and began campaigning for election to the highest office in our fair land — it was a colossal joke and not one in particularly good taste. So — what the hell. Reader, I voted for him. I have to admit that when it sends rabid lefty celebs like Robert De Niro into a spittle-flecked rant on live television , I am tempted to rub my hands together and cackle with evil glee like Mr. Burns in the Simpsons, watching them come unglued with their hate for flyover country and those denizens of it which also voted for him. So I started this post as yet another meditation on how ever-flipping-out-of-their minds the current iteration of Trump-haters are … and then the meeting in Singapore happened, and actually promises … maybe, if all goes well, a resolution to a war which started just before I was born, in a country to which my father was stationed as an Army draftee when I was born, in which I served for a year three and a half decades later and in which my daughter might very well have drawn duty in her turn. Not anywhere equal halves, other than geographical. Some observers are hoping it fails, because it is Trump, of course. More important is this article from Asia Times. Meanwhile, the G7 trade talks went nowhere and that might be just as well. In the past 25 years all manufacturing and investment into Mexico and Canada has been reliant on their position to exploit the NAFTA loophole; the backdoor access to the U. If Trump shuts down that loophole, and brings the manufacturing and assembly back...

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Sep 13, - We spent today at Ypres an the huge military cemeteries from the battles of the Ypres Salient. This was an early battle of WWI and the “first. Chicago Boyz. Candidate Trump ran against the “deep state” wars and military interventions that candidate Clinton had voted for. But as President, Trump  ‎David Foster · ‎Trent Telenko · ‎Lexington Green · ‎Afghanistan Jun 14, - Institutions that had little wartime publicity and have no direct organizational descendent to tell their stories in the modern American military.

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