Celebrity endorser gone bad

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#1 Celebrity endorser gone bad

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Celebrity endorser gone bad

News and speculation about what will happen to the endorsement deals of Tiger Woods is rampant. Will companies like Nike, Gatorade, and Gillette ride out the storm and stick by the golf star, as they originally said they would? Or will the barrage of bad press end in a severing of ties? Endorsement deals are, of course, big business. And when less-than-positive news about stars or athletes hits the press, companies that have contracts with them often re-examine the relationship. Sometimes they just pull ads, sometimes Celebrity endorser gone bad just wait for the contract to expire, and sometimes they immediately sever ties, putting as much distance between the endorser and themselves as humanly -- and monetarily -- possible. Verizon wasn't laughing in when rapper Akon took the stage at what was supposed to Celebrity endorser gone bad Strip club footage and-up show and simulated sex with a woman who turned out to be The video was all over the Internet and Verizon quickly distanced itself from Akon; the cellular company pulled his Celebrity endorser gone bad and cancelled sponsorship Model in birthday sex video his tour. McDonald's, Nutella, and Coca-Cola all dropped Bryant after he was accused of sexual assault in But charges against the future MVP-winner were eventually dropped, and his exile from the commercial world did not last forever. He can now been seen in ads for Nike and others. Hiring Latin deponent verb comic comes with its PR risks. Not surprisingly, Goldberg was not quiet about the conservative criticism that lead to her firing. Companies such as Pepsi and Converse wanted nothing to do with him. One has to think this would not happen in today's world, and the tides turned fairly quickly for Johnson, even then. ByPepsi announced he would be featured...

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With a quarter of consumers saying they would consider ditching a product if the celebrity endorsing it misbehaves, Matt Williams, director at Ipsos MORI Reputation Centre, looks at the potential damage to brands by scandalous celebs. But in the same way that a well known celebrity can enhance the lustre and profile of a product, reported misbehaviour in their private lives can potentially damage the reputation of a sponsor. It is not difficult to think of recent high profile celebrity scandals that fall into this category, but do any of these incidents actually lead to a change in purchasing behaviour amongst consumers? And do sponsors really need to worry about what their big name celebrity endorsers are up to? Base all respondents Source: Ipsos Mori Global dvisor. But while a quarter of the population is clearly a lot of customers to lose, should businesses really be concerned by these figures? If we look a little closer at the findings, just one in ten say they would be very likely to stop buying a product as opposed to fairly likely , which perhaps gives a truer picture of those who will back up their opinions with action. And if we look at those who have already stopped buying a product, at least half of them say they only did so temporarily , going back to it after a period of time. This suggests that negative reactions to scandal among consumers are perhaps more fleeting, and have less impact than the overall figures might at first indicate. Kate Moss would no doubt argue something similar, having been famously dropped by a series of major brands during her cocaine expose, only to become the darling of high street fashion giant, Topshop a couple of years later. The Daily Mail has since claimed the...

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No one is perfect. And as people who are constantly under a bright light and a fine microscope, celebrities know this better than anyone. One tiny wrong step or social post can send the twittersphere into anarchy. And of late, a LOT of celebrities have found themselves in some pretty hot water, not only damaging their own brand, but also the content they star in. I n this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the worst cases of when celebrity endorsements go wrong and exactly what happened to make these celebrity partnerships turn sour - and how to keep them from happening to your brand. Friends of the employee told the Cincinnati Inquirer that he has a social anxiety disorder as well as a hearing impairment. While 50 Cent released a statement apologizing for the video, it hasn't stopped local Cincinnati bars to pull Effen from their shelves. Effen has tried to distance itself from the situation, releasing a statement that said:. We have expressed to him our profound disappointment for his actions, which are in no way representative of the brand's values. The brand did not drop 50 Cent but certainly made it known that they do not condone his behavior. In light of this recent scandal, let's look at some other celebrity slip-ups that have affected their partnership with brands they endorsed. When Paula Deen admitted to using racial slurs in the past, it was in a confidential video deposition. But when that deposition leaked, the backlash was instant - and intense. Stupid Decisions Cost Big Dollars: It's important to find a celebrity endorser that appeals to your target demographic - and fits your budget. And of course create a contract that protects your brand. Our team often writes about celebrity endorsement partnerships with brands, from what other marketers...

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Trans fats chronic degenerative disease

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Celebrity endorser gone bad

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10 Celebrity Endorsement Deals That Went Way Wrong. Erin Geiger Smith. Dec. 9, , AM. michaelvick tbi News and speculation about what will. Jun 4, - Hollywood Branded looks at what happens when the worst cases of celebrity endorsements go wrong - and how to avoid them as a brand. Apr 19, - Some celeb endorsements can go terribly wrong for companies. Here are six that may be the most controversial ever.

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