Celebrities born in france

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#1 Celebrities born in france

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Celebrities born in france

Identify Footballers By Eyes. Emma Watson British actress 15 April British. Marion Cotillard Actress 30 September French. Celebritiea Writer 21 November French. Claude Monet Painter 14 November French. Celebrities born in france Sarkozy 28 January French. Simone de Beauvoir Celebrities born in france 09 January French. Juliette Binoche Actress 09 March French. Charles Baudelaire Poet 09 April French. Auguste Rodin Sculptor 12 November French. George Sand 01 July Ffance. Alexis de Tocqueville 29 July Women kept as sex slaves bdsm. Pierre Omidyar Entrepreneur 21 June American. Georges Bizet Composer 25 October French. Simone Weil Celebriyies, mystic and social activist Celebrities born in france February French. Nadia Boulanger Musician 16 September French. Anatole France Writer 16 April French. Paul Signac Painter 11 November French. Emile Zola French novelist 02 April French. Camille Corot French painter 16 July French. Christian Louboutin designer 07 January French. Georges Seurat Painter, draughtsperson 02 December French. Garrett Morgan Inventor 04 March American. Maurice Utrillo Ni 26 December French. Catherine Share Criminal 10 December French. Nadar Photographer 06 April French. William Somerset Maugham 25 January British. Georges Duhamel writer, poet, physician, novelist 30 June French. Famous People By Profession.

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To the rest of the world, the French spell sophistication and grace. The French have long with been considered one of the most classy, intelligent and culturally rich people. After all France has been the center of western cultural development from centuries. Who can beat the French when it comes to the fine arts? Artists like Jean Fouquet, Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir revolutionized the world of painting by developing newer styles. French writers like Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre were more than just authors of famous novels; they were distinguished philosophers in their own right. Even our children ought to be grateful to the French for giving them fairytales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots. The French have also left indelible marks on the fields of medicine, fashion, architecture and sports. Browse on to discover many more fascinating details about the famous people of France. Identify Footballers By Tattoos. French Men French Women. Zinedine Zidane Football Player 23 June Karl Marx Economist, Philosopher 05 May Vincent van Gogh Painter 30 March Avril Lavigne 27 September Marie Antoinette 02 November Roman Polanski French-Polish film director 18 August Antoine Griezmann Footballer 21 March Paul Pogba Footballer 15 March Sofia Boutella Dancer, Actress 06 April Marion Cotillard Actress 30 September Voltaire Writer 21 November Coco Chanel Fashion Designer 19 August Olivier Giroud Footballer 30 September Claude Monet Painter 14 November Olga Kurylenko Actress, Model 14 November David Guetta Disc Jockey 07 November Louis Vuitton Businessman 04 August Michel Foucault French philosopher 15 October Nostradamus Physician 14 December Albert Camus Philosopher 07 November Louis Pasteur Chemist and Microbiologist 27 December Jean-Paul Sartre Philosopher 21 June Henri Matisse Painter,...

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List of the most surprising celebrity birthplaces. While famous actors and musicians are often known for growing up in certain places, or living there when they first gained fame, many were born in cities and countries that rarely come up in interviews. For example, Nicole Kidman is Australian, right? Sure, but she was born in the U. This list includes a number of famous people born to military parents while they were stationed 'overseas,' including Americans Bruce Willis, Martin Lawrence, and Jackson Browne, all of whom were born in Germany. Others are just the children of jet-setting parents who met in school, worked together, or simply traveled often. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is an English actress, model, and activist. Watson rose to prominence as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, appearing in all eight Harry Potter films from to , previously having acted only in school plays. She continued to work outside of the Harry Potter films, first lending her voice to The Tale of Despereaux and appearing in the television adaptation of the novel Ballet Shoes. Since then, she has taken on starring roles in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring, made a brief appearance as an "exaggerated" version of herself in This Is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor, director, producer, musician, and author. Reeves is most well known for his acting career, beginning in and spanning for more than three decades. He gained fame for his starring role performances in several blockbuster films including comedies from the Bill and Ted franchise, action thrillers Point Break and Speed, and the science fiction-action trilogy The Matrix. Since becoming active in the film industry, Reeves' abilities have earned critical acclaim. One New York Times critic praised Reeves'...

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Well fret no more. Here's a countdown of the top ten most loved French personalities taken from an official poll in France's Le Journal du Dimanche that has been running for 25 years. This summer's list contains a few shocks, not the least the winner. With previous victors including Jacques Cousteau and Zinedine Zidane, can you guess who is top of the list in ? France's funniest town and village names. Top 10 scraps between the US and France. The most dangerous animals found in France. Naked protests in France: Taking off clothes to make a point. Then and now - the site of the Alps plane crash. A timeline of Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps. Mont-Saint-Michel hit by 'tide of the century'. French sports stars killed in double helicopter crash. Mont-Saint-Michel becomes an island as 'supertide season' opens in France. Paris marches for unity after terror attacks. A timeline of the Paris terror attacks. The top 10 news stories from France in Lyon's spectacular festival of light dazzles once again. The alternative beauty contest. From salmon to whisky: Ten ways France leads the world. Ten reasons why the French can be proud of France. Violent storms lash the French Riviera. The life of migrants in Calais. Search France's news in English. Latest headlines 'Shame for football': Paris to install giant screen at Eiffel Tower for World Cup final. Deja vu as euphoric French fans party like it's France goes wild as Les Bleus reach World Cup final. France beat Belgium to book place in World Cup final. Popular articles 'Allez', 'putain' and other vital French phrases you'll need if you support France France's top ten beaches to survive the heatwave In Pictures: Jobs in Europe SE. Account Manager to Findcourses UK. Multi-talented Englishman offers diverse...

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Celebrities born in france

Marion Cotillard

Paris has some well-known famous people who were born here and most of us didn't know it! Emma Watson. (British actress) Roman Polanski. (French-Polish film director) Marion Cotillard. 30 September Voltaire. 21 November Kathie Lee Gifford. (TV Host, Actress) Claude Monet. Lily-Rose Depp. Brigitte Bardot. Sandra Day O'Connor Became the First Female Member of the Supreme Court in Logo; People · Nostalgia · Celebrity · History & Culture · Crime &. 10 Fabulously Famous French Faces. Joan of Arc ( – ) Nostradamus ( – ) Napoleon Bonaparte ( – ) Louis Vitton ( – ) Coco Chanel ( – ) Brigitte Bardot ( –) Andre the Giant ( – ) Zinedine Zidane ( –).

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