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#1 But naked hoochies

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But naked hoochies

Those are some skimpy outfits and those girls are in pretty good shape. Prostitutes, strippers or coming from a club? I can't tell if But naked hoochies dressed for clubbing or stripping, but I'm an old fart who hasn't been to a club in a long time. I know this nakdd a nice thing to say but in all these sorts of brawling women, it's always black girls. Like the two girls that beat up an old man on the subway coz But naked hoochies said something bout them eating But naked hoochies. Or the two girls that beat up a transexual into a seizure for But naked hoochies their restroom. Or the women fighting on trainstation while their baby stroller rolls towards the train tracks. Etc etc, all black women. Naked hoochies brawl at Waffle House Florida. The title of this thread could have just been "Florida. The one girl without any drawers will hopefully plan nakde such a contingency in the future. Please don't let them be…. Hoochiws she not wearing panties or was the thong just up her butt? No drawers, r5, bare ass naked under the hootchie dress. Wasn't this the Bobby Brown birthday party? No, Bobby has kept a bedside vigil for his daughter since day one! Yo, chick has nice buns though, dude. Gay here but she does have a hot ass. Damn i never get tired of watching these fights! Insert your own "scattered, covered, smothered" joke here. Here's an But naked hoochies Bug violent one. Unhand that baby seat or I will But naked hoochies you to death with it! This is yo hoochiees debutante baaall in Halem. Them gurls are so claseey. Kids these days, all But naked hoochies up on high fructose corn syrup and out of their minds. She...

#2 Shark shrimp tale

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Shark shrimp tale

Joshua Milton Blahyi born September 30, , better known by his nom de guerre General Butt Naked , is a former commander of forces under the wider control of Liberian warlord Roosevelt Johnson. Blahyi states that he originally was a tribal priest. Since the war he has converted to Christianity and became a preacher. Blahyi is a member of the Sarpo tribe in Liberia. During the course of the three-day ritual that followed, Blahyi says that he had a vision in which he was told by the Devil that he would become a great warrior and that he should continue to practice human sacrifice and cannibalism to increase his power. The Krahn elders later appointed him as high priest, a position that would lead him to become the spiritual advisor to Liberian President Samuel Doe. Blahyi himself explains, "I was a high priest for the biggest god under the Krahn tribe, and the late Samuel K. Doe, being a fellow tribesman, was automatically placed under my jurisdiction. The selection process takes place through an annual fight: The eventual victor was allowed to kill and maim to show his strength and bravery. The strongest or last man standing after the bloody contest will take over the birthright and the headship of the tribe. Blahyi has said he led his troops naked except for shoes and a gun. He believed that his nakedness was a source of protection from bullets. He explained to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: I would dive under the water, grab one, carry him under and break his neck. Sometimes I'd cause accidents. Sometimes I'd just slaughter them. Blahyi claimed to a South African Star reporter that he "met Satan regularly and talked to him" and that from age of 11 to 25 he took part in monthly human sacrifices....

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But naked hoochies

Feminist thought from Boston University

Hoochie mamas have to recharge at the Waffle House so they can keep fighting. BUTT CHEEKS COME OUT: During a Hoochie Mama Fight at a Waffle House WTF: Mother Pissed Because Daughter Asked To Perform Naked to PASS Her. Hoochie. coochie. time. Baby is hoochie coochie time! The type of activity that drive your mind! When we get bored, Like slow dancing but naked in the room! As soon as I turned eighteen and went to college, I dropped the girdles and started wearing shorter skirts, tighter pants—nothing hoochie, but things that showed.

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