Braylon edwards gay rumors

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#1 Braylon edwards gay rumors

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Braylon edwards gay rumors

Like us on Braylon edwards gay rumors. Page 3 of 5 First 1 2 3 4 5 Last Jump to page: Results 31 to 45 of Originally Posted by dee So what if he is gay? He's still a great player. Braylon edwards gay rumors Posted by Fresno. This isn't the first time I've heard Braylon was gay or just metrosexual. This thread will probably get deleted but here are links to some questionable pictures of Braylon. Join Date Apr Posts I dont think garica is gay noticing the fact that hes married with a really hot wife. Listen who cares if he is gay. He's a nice football player who is better than any rec the Braylon edwards gay rumors have on the roster. Scratch that wayyyyy better. If they Braylon edwards gay rumors not trade for him becuase of his sexual orientation the league should mount an investigation. Thats just not cool. But whatever ultimately the "G-MEN" will be sitting at home or taking an early round exit out of the playoffs because they tried the whole no wr thing last year after burress was out. I wish the bears had the ammo to get a deal done here Because edwards would look mighty nice catching Braylon edwards gay rumors from Cutler. Didnt his ex wife out him? Originally Posted by ibleedpurple. I'd welcome him on the vikings, although i think stupid catchy names like gaylon edwards, and the fact Braylon edwards gay rumors be wearing purple may bring up problems Join Date Feb Posts 2, Braylon Edwards can't be gay. Nor can he pitch. Seriously, there must be plenty of NFL players who are secretly gay or bisexual. It doesn't change the way I watch the sport. I don't know how it will to others. But here...

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However, for a lot of sports stars, their sexuality is either kept quiet, closeted, or the subject of some completely bogus conjectures. These stars were all rumored to be gay … and only a few of them actually are. Still, despite his heroic statements, he now thinks that coming out hurt his career, and he may be right: Sam was the first SEC Defensive Player of the Year in eight years drafted outside the first round — waiting until the seventh round for the St. Louis Rams to pick him up and that was just eight picks before being entirely shut out. Soon the Rams cut him and he landed a spot on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad before retiring in to focus on his mental health. I know how to play this game, I can play this game … I don't know what goes on in the NFL with the guys who are making the decisions, but whatever it is, hopefully it's not what I think it is … I don't regret coming out but I do wish things would have gone differently. Incidentally, Sam has also implied that his story isn't an isolated incident. In April , 7-foot NBA center Jason Collins came out of the closet, making him the first openly gay professional athlete to compete in the four major sports leagues. A free agent at the time, Collins wrote in Sports Illustrated , "I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport … I go against the gay stereotype, which is why I think a lot of players will be shocked: When I signed a free-agent contract with Boston last July, I decided to commit myself to the Celtics and not let my personal life become a...

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A blog that discusses a range of issues from an African-American gay male perspective. I intentionally choose not to write about celebrity gossip or rumors, but this is one rumor I'm sure many same gender loving brothers wouldn't mind being true. Take it as pure entertainment. Edwards had been the subject of trade talks with the New York Giants that never went anywhere: First of all, let me start out with the fact that I think this is ridiculous. I have a friend who is inside the NY Giants and this morning I talked to him about the draft and the subject of Edwards came up. No lie, he said that there was a big concern how he would fit in the locker room because a lot of people thought he was gay. He said that for some reason a good deal of the players believe that Braylon is gay and that is why he wants to go to New York because it is a better atmosphere for homosexuals and this has actually come up as a concern within the Giants in trading for him. And of course no gay rumor is complete without the help of the infamous gossip site Media Take Out. Pictures posted last May of Edwards in a "compromising position" with a hot male friend only added fuel to the fire. So is Braylon Edwards gay? Who knows, but I sure wouldn't mind if he had a soft spot for the fellas. Perfect illustration of the need and validity of the closet. If the story is true, his career is already being hampered by rumors of his sexuality. New York not wanting to sign him because of "beliefs" that he is gay. Imagine if he actually is gay and came out? The closet is and will...

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. RCF will be upgrading both the software and hardware. If you have connections issues please try back in a few hours. Sucky time to do this but with me heading out on the 5th it had to be done. Braylon Edwards- Gay Rumor? Mar 2, Messages: Apr 27, 1. Jun 22, Messages: Not that there's anything wrong with that Apr 27, 2. Mar 20, Messages: If he was gay, wouldn't he wanna go to San Fransisco? Apr 27, 3. Apr 18, Messages: Apr 27, 4. Apr 27, Messages: Well, if he is gay, not sure he would want to go to NY. I would think he would want to live in a more progressive state like Iowa where gamy marriage is legal. Maybe mrs california likes athletes, I hear she is available. She could "straighten" him out. It is a choice after all according to her. Apr 27, 5. Apr 27, 6. Does he live in Lakewood? Apr 27, 7. Feb 6, Messages: He doesnt post on RCF? Apr 27, 8. Apr 27, 9. I recall hearing a long time ago that Lakewood is second to San Francisco for most gays per capita. Gotta love census results. Again, this is not confirmed. And I have no motivation to even try to confirm it. Apr 27, I dropped my wallet in Lakewood once and kicked it all the way into Cleveland. Jun 13, Messages: Worst idea and worst thread ever. And I mean that in a good way. Apr 21, Messages: Little birdie whispered in my ear about a year ago that Sharon Reed from action news actually tried to hook up with him after his 2nd season and asked him out...

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Braylon edwards gay rumors

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Since Deadspin wrote a story yesterday about rumors surrounding NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards' sexuality, we've been talking a lot at Outsports about the. Apr 27, - First of all, let me start out with the fact that I think this is ridiculous. I have a friend. Aug 11, - On LeCharles Bentley Calling Braylon Edwards Gay words for Braylon Edwards and his most recent criticisms aimed at Cleveland. . July 7, July 7, 0 Stop with the Kevin Love-for-Andrew Wiggins trade rumors.

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