Brass trumpet antique

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#1 Brass trumpet antique

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Brass trumpet antique

Paul Ayick Vintage Brass. I buy, sell, and trade vintage trumpets, cornets, and other brass and Brass trumpet antique instruments as they become available. Some of my satisfied customers include players from the Chicago Symphony and Boston Pops orchestras. More and more, players seem to be discovering the joy of playing and owning some of these wonderful vintage instruments. The workmanship, detailing, and tone can be astounding. I currently am offering some really nice horns check them out in this teumpet as well as Angeles del sexoother instruments and musical items!!! If something on my site you Brass trumpet antique interests you e-mail me at: Trumpett will sell just about any of the instruments for the right price. Ttrumpet you go to any particular directory it is a simple matter to view all the images therein as thumbnail trumprt images. To accomplish this merely click on the fileman. I strive for accuracy in the descriptions of each horn I sell, and all horns are shipped securely packaged, fully insured and sent promptly. If you are someone who just discovered "Uncle Harry's" old horn in the attic, well then, you are just the kind of person I would like to hear from! I work entirely from my turmpet in South Florida where I also work as a trumpet player. I enjoy hearing from anyone with a question, comment, or just to say hello, Brass trumpet antique always have time to "talk trumpet", however I am not a free appraisal service so please don't e-mail me asking what Brass trumpet antique horn is antisue I can provide this service however. Here are some shots of some of the horns in my collection. To see all the photos and all the horns pick the appropriate horn from the "my collection" area above....

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Skip to main content. Antique Trumpets Refine Results. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. Missing one valve cap as shown but item is works and will clean up very well. New York Sold by: These all have great history and potential future. Several of them are missing pieces, such as springs, etc It is Serial , which seems to date from if the online information is correct. Couple marks were the brass is showing through, also can be seen in pictures. Here s an antique trumpet marked on bell C G Conn new wonder model. Trumpet has been gone over lubricated and plays well. See video on YouTube. The Finish is heavily tarnished. The valves do go up and down. There is a couple spots where it needs welded- see pictures. Someone did try to tape it together that is why there is black on the trumpet. I am told this is a professional grade early silvered trumpet. It's uniqueness lies in it's key changing rotary valve. Gently used antique trumpet. No dents or dings. This trumpet is the Kleartone model. Kalashen and Kleartone are emblazoned on the to the bell. Probably made in the s. You are buying a Silver Czech-Slovakia Trumpet. As you can see from the pictures it would make a great display horn. Don't know the serial. Do not know if it's original. It is in need of a good cleaning and servicing. The valves have plating wear. There are dents and marks th I do not know too much about trumpets. The trumpet has a pat date of Oct 29, The number below the patent number is LP 9. The word "Buescher" is hard to see. Antique brass Trumpet made in germany. I believe this to be a CG conn...

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Brass trumpet antique


I buy, sell, and trade vintage trumpets, cornets, and other brass and wind instruments as they become available. Some of my satisfied customers include players. Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Trumpets. The trumpet is one of the oldest known instruments, dating back to the day people first figured certain seashells. Vintage Trumpets, Antique Cornets, Cornopeans,Trombones. Unusual Horns, Euphoniums, Tubas. Rare, Old & Collectable Brass Instruments.

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