Bonfit pants patterner

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#1 Bonfit pants patterner

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Bonfit pants patterner

And obviously a lot of thought has gone into it. I can imagine people getting excited about a demo at a sewing show, taking the patterner home, opening the box, seeing the jumble of unexplained peculiar shapes, and never looking at it again. The Bonfit patterner is a set of tough plastic shapes that slide relative to each other to alter width and length. I had to read the book slowly while looking carefully at the pieces. Here is the basic set of parts. Added to the side of that are fitted armholes for front and back, or a dropped shoulder piece. The pafterner section is added below. One is for back, and for front without darts. The sections slide against each other Sexy nurses dresses ingenious ways, so you can alter the usual width measures of: And you can adjust the length measures of: One reason why people go no further may be difficulty with reading the Bontit book — small low contrast print, few diagrams. I know Bonfit had a lot of information to fit into a small space, but this book is not for a visual or physical person, while How do pregnant women decide patterner is. Well, as usual that depends on the individual. The same body section is used for both back and front without darts. So back and front without darts are the same width, with different necklines and armholes. This is standard practice for loose fitting casual styles with no darts. The front-back differences in size 14 Bonfit pants patterner So the Bonfit is the B cup size that most patterns are designed for. Anyone with a larger bust cup would have difficulties. The section on fitting in the Bonfit book is Hot blond hair and blue eyes and at...

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Bonfit pants patterner

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Jun 29, - The Bonfit Patterner provides framework, templates and pattern panels to make perfect sizing for any proportion. The kit includes one pants. Slacks are the most difficult garment to fit. Using the Bonfit Slack Patterner you set the panels at your own measurements, adjust the crotch depth and draw. a valuable tool to have at your fingertips when working with the Patterners – it's These SPECIAL FIT HANDBOOKS (Skirts, Slacks and Bodice/Dresses) have.

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