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#1 Blonde hair blue eyes hitler

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Blonde hair blue eyes hitler

After decades of hushed shame, the children of the Lebensborn program to create a blond, blue-eyed master race have started to speak out. Topic number one is the painful search for their true parents. And then that nagging question: By David Crossland in Wernigerode. David Crossland Guntram Weber, 63, found out his father was an SS major-general who escaped a death sentence for war crimes. Now aged over 60, the children of the Nazis' "Lebensborn" "Spring of Life" program to create an Aryan master race are starting to go public with their plight and are renewing efforts to find out who their true parents were. More than 30 Lebensborn children, by no means all of them tall and fair, met at the weekend in the sleepy eastern town of Wernigerode, site of one the program's birth clinics. The meeting was organized by a self-help group Best girl galleries "Traces of Life" which was set up last year to swap experiences, aid research and explode some of the myths surrounding the scheme. But it was an integral part of a murderous racial policy that stretched from the forced sterilization of people with hereditary diseases to the killing of 6 million Jews. Founded inLebensborn was designed to halt the high rate of abortions in Germany which rose as high asa year in the inter-war years because of a chronic shortage of men to marry after World War I. Its aim was to preventabortions and its statute stated that it was to support "racially and genetically The hotness of jesse mccartney families with many children. It enabled unmarried pregnant women to avoid social stigma by giving birth anonymously away from their homes, often under the pretext of needing a long-term recuperation. About 60 percent of Lebensborn mothers were unmarried. It even...

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Professional writers, free content. Donate Now and Signup for Our Newsletter. Six foot tall— or five-foot-five, if you're female— blond hair, blue eyes. A fair complexion, and not a skin blight anywhere, not even a mole. It's the usual recipe for the flawless human being, the stereotypical Aryan model perfected by Adolf Hitler in the s. Absent these traits, you were lucky if Hitler was so generous as to allow you to live. Slaving away in some labor camp in rural Poland on a starvation diet and very little sleep was the least you could do for the human race after polluting the world's population with your very unseemly characteristics. That much of the Holocaust I have learned, at least. I studied it in elementary school, reviewed it in later grades, and read countless books about that ghastly period. And yet one jarring, indisputable fact is rarely mentioned: Real-life opera Aryanism, the foundation for the Holocaust, existed long before Hitler came to power. It was the subtext to most of Richard Wagner's operas. But Hitler, with his charismatic personality, turned the entire world into a real-life sturm und drang opera. The plot was simple and accessible: Tall, blonde, blue-eyed Aryans saving the world by stamping out Jews, gypsies, blacks and any other vile contaminators of the master race. But here's my problem: Hitler himself wasn't tall, nor was he fair-skinned. He wasn't even blue-eyed. And of course he was Austrian, not German. As for racial purity— his paternal grandmother was an unmarried domestic who was impregnated at age 42 by a person unknown— probably her employer, but who knows? He was about as opposite from the perfect Aryan-German as you could get. Wishful thinking Why, then, did millions of Germans swallow his Kool-Aid? Couldn't they see what he looked like...

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Hitler argued that the German he wrongly described them as the Aryan race was superior to all others. Hitler was obsessed with 'racial purity'. He used the word 'Aryan' to describe his idea of a 'pure German race' or Herrenvolk. The 'Aryan race' had a duty to control the world. The Nazis believed that the Aryans had the most "pure blood" of all the people on earth. The ideal Aryan had pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Non-Aryans came to be seen as impure and even evil. Hitler believed that Aryan superiority was being threatened particularly by the Jews. But a league table of 'races' was created with the Aryans at the top and with Jews, Gypsies and black people at the bottom. These 'inferior' people were seen as a threat to the purity and strength of the German nation. The term Aryan originally meant something completely different. In an old Indian language it means 'noble' and describes the upper class of ancient Indian society. The Nazis linked he word 'Aryan' with the German word 'Ehre', which means 'honour' and said Aryan meant 'the honourable people'. This vivid poster from the September Reichstag election summarizes Nazi ideology in a single image. A Nazi sword kills a snake, the blade passing through a red Star of David. The red words coming from the snake are: The use of propaganda The Nazi totalitarian government had total control over men, women, youth, newspapers, radio, art, books, music, universities, schools, police, army, law courts and religion. In other words, they controlled every aspect of life in Germany. To control every part of every German's life, the Nazi Party had to persuade people to believe that Hitler had the answers to all their problems. The Nazi Party used terror, on the one hand, and...

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The master race German: Members of this alleged master race were referred to as Herrenmenschen "master humans". The Nazi official Alfred Rosenberg believed that the Nordic race was descended from Proto-Aryans , who he believed had prehistorically dwelt on the North German Plain and who had ultimately originated from the lost continent of Atlantis. The Nazis believed they were entitled to expand territorially. The actual policy that was implemented by the Nazis resulted in the Aryan certificate , the one form of the official document that was required by the law for all citizens of the Reich was the "Lesser Aryan certificate" Kleiner Ariernachweis , which could be obtained through an Ahnenpass , which required the owner to trace her or his lineage through baptism, birth certificates or certified proof thereof that all grandparents were of "Aryan descent". The Slavs along with Gypsies and Jews were defined as being racially inferior and non-Aryan Untermenschen , and were thus considered to be a danger to the "Aryan" or Germanic master race. However, Nietzsche never developed the concept on racial grounds. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was posited that the Indo-Europeans then generally also referred to as Aryans made up the highest branch of humanity because their civilization was the most technologically advanced. This reasoning simultaneously intertwined with Nordicism which proclaimed the " Nordic race " as the "purest" form of said Aryan race. Today, this view is regarded as scientific racism because it contradicts racial equality by positing that one race is superior to all other races. Eugenics came to play a prominent role in this racial thought as a way to improve and maintain the purity of the Aryan master race. Eugenics was a concept adhered to by many thinkers in the s, s, and s,...

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Nazi Germany didn't just seek to eradicate those who didn't meet the criteria of their ideal race. They also fought to create a super genetic line through selective breeding in the ultra-secret, undeniably twisted Lebensborn program. It was akin to Josef Mengele's concentration camp experiments to the extent that it involved Nazi "science" and a total lack of bioethics. This program, created by the SS, was a state-supported, registered association sparked by the shrinking birth rate in Nazi Germany. Lebensborn mothers faced a moral predicament. While many already were fervent followers of Hitler, for some, it was a matter of survival in war-torn, Nazi-occupied Europe. The Lebensborn program attempted to breed racial purity through a very specific set of phenotypic criteria. For many, their lives were lies, and they only discovered their origins in adulthood, if at all. Here's a look inside the twisted Nazi program to breed a master race and what happened to the Lebensborn survivors when the war was finally over. Lebensborn , meaning "fount of life," was a secret program carried out by the SS. It was literally a program to selectively breed a master race of humans. To get more people into the Lebensborn program, the Nazis set up homes sometimes called clinics all across Europe. At its height, there were 10 facilities in Germany alone and 26 homes across eight countries. While some were actual places children were kept, others were just field offices. They facilitated adoptions, most of which the mothers agreed to. In some cases, however, they were not told where their children were going. Between and the end of World War II in , between 6, and 8, babies were born in Lebensborn clinics though some sources estimated the number was a much higher 20, When the war ended, these children...

Blonde hair blue eyes hitler

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Aug 5, - No. First of all, having blonde hair or blue eyes is not a German thing. It's more of a Baltic/Nordic thing. Do you think Estonians and Norwegians are a “master  Did Adolf Hitler really want to kill people that weren't blue-eyed. Jun 28, - Six foot tall— or five-foot-five, if you're female— blond hair, blue eyes. A fair complexion, and not a skin blight anywhere, not even a mole. Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party ascribed to the concept of the “Master Race”. The figure of the Übermensch, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, was a.

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