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#1 Black hawk down uniforms

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Black hawk down uniforms

Black hawk down uniforms is the screenused uniform worn by Johnny Strong as Randy Shughart. Register Home Forums Advertising. August 22nd, I collect screenused items and thought I would share this with everyone. What better place than here to show it. August 27th, Thanks for the photos. Looks like real GI stuff. Do Black hawk down uniforms sell the repo firearms too? I didn't know if that is one of your rifles or if you got a replica M14 as well. All of it is real issue type stuff all of the webgear Black hawk down uniforms Blackhawk stuff that has been modified and or cut up. The booots are Adidas GS9's and the gogles are Oakley. The hedsets are made by a compant called Otto I have never heard of them so unsure about that. The rifle is real as well. September 11th, OTTO headsets are used by professional in law enforcement and military. They are very popular with police as they make adapters for almost any public service radio make and model. That is very cool. The front end of the connector assembly looks to be missing. Is the rifle a semi-automatic model with a "dummy" selector kit on it? I noticed that the rifle has a rear operating rod dismount notch so it is commercial manufacture. If you don't min, who is the manufacturer on the receiver heel of the rifle, please? Last edited by Different; September Penis enlargemen tpill keene, at September 18th, Where do you buy stuff like that? I guess the studios can't keep it piled up for years. September 22nd, Hey guys sorry haven't been around recently. Different the rifle is my own and not screenused I'm having problems getting the screenused weapon but I'm persistent and will let you know when...

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Just wanted to point out an interesting observation about the uniforms worn by the Rangers; this is one of the few films to accurately depict the transition from the 6-color "chocolate chip" camouflage made famous during Desert Storm to the 3-color "coffee stain" pattern that was used throughout the rest of the 's and during the invasion and early occupation of Iraq in the early 's. During the transition between these two camouflage patterns, it was common to see a combination of the two patterns on the same soldier; they would wear the new DCU's with the old 6-color on their PASGT helmets. Practically all the Rangers in the film have this combination. I think the article should be amended to only mention the weapon seen on Hoot's person when he's confronted by Capt. Steele during chow time. The weapon he's holding in the screengrab of him being picked up by Wolcott and the Delta guys is the same M he uses in the rest of the film. Steele" - Corrected the section as noted. I went through and corrected the abbreviated ranks. Most of them were in Marine Corps form as opposed to Army form ex. Like I said, probably not worth mentioning, but it's a little detail that was bugging me. Hey, correctness is a virtue. Good on you for doing it. M4 was issued in before the battle which took place in Isn't it more likely that Randy Shughart was actually carrying a Springfield M21 rather than the M14? There's a scene in the movie 1: While Yurek is on the radio to Eversmann Josh Hartnett's character he grabs a mag out of a Type 47 that a dead Somali soldier is still holding. Since the Rangers are all carrying 5. Seems like an odd oversight...

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You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 02 November - Yep, had several friends there in the Mog. I have a hard time watching that movie, but it seems the uniforms were pretty accurate as I recall. TF Ranger had a mix of patterns. There's a pic of Keni Thomas helluva nice guy and super troop in the book that shows him in 3-color with a 'chocolate chip' Kevlar cover and Woodland gear. Not sure about 10th MTN specifically. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: View New Content U. Militaria Forum Forums Members More. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. I took into thought, what DCU's were worn during this time? Was the movie correct with 3 color uniforms and 6 color headgear? Thanks Nick Edited by coolcav20, 02 November - I remember him saying the uniforms and gear were pretty accurate in the film. He showed me some pictures of when they were there and I believe there was a good mix of both color patterns and even some Woodland pattern LBE vests being worn. He still has the web belt and canteen he was wearing when he was wounded, bullet hole through the canteen and blood-stained cover. I've read a book about the 10th Mountain in Somalia and they wore all 6 color aka chocloate chip camo. Does anyone know if they would have worn these during the events of October ? I actually know Keni Thomas sort of I've written to him a few times in the past about his expieriences in Somalia. He is actually a country singer now and sent me one of his guitar picks, autographed CD and poster. He has...

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If your post isn't appearing check that it isn't breaking any subreddit or site-wide rules. If your post isn't breaking any rules and it can't be seen, message the moderators. It may have been caught by the spam filter. Do you want to snipe? Read this post about sniping before buying a sniper rifle. Want to learn how to tech? Here are a lot of helpful guides. If you're wondering if your post is okay, feel free to message the moderators about it. Ask away every Tuesday during Tech Tuesdays. Tech Tuesdays in order of date Tech questions may be posted outside of Tech Tuesdays. A trove of helpful information! Before handling an airsoft gun or real firearm, remember, and remind those around you about these rules. Please message the mods if something is broken or wrong. Black Hawk Down Uniforms self. I think it's DCU desert combat pattern camo. It was used by the US military from till Thats the time frame the movie takes place You'll want a PASGT for the helmet if you're doing a ranger kit, they make plastic replicas but if you shop around on ebay you can probably find a real one for cheaper. As others have said, camo is 3 color desert for the uniform and 6 color for the helmet that's the set I run for my tan kit. Greg Wong covered his Delta kit: This sub is quiet.. Now we can milsim our favorite milism! What's your favourite Milsim environment? I'm a bot, beep boop Downvote to remove Contact me Info Opt-out. I think the answer is the same, but Im looking to do an inspired kit for the UH60 crewchief. Is the answer 'no one cares enough' or are there different resources available? Crewchiefs would have worn 2...

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MilSim is an abbreviation of Military Simulation, and refers to military simulations conducted by civilians for entertainment purposes. There are several forms of MilSim: For video game content please go to the relevant reddit. Do not call your kit an impression if it is not. If you act like a douche you will be banned, this is at the mods discretion so don't even bother trying to game the system or skirt the rules. Inappropriate content will be removed. Black Hawk Down Uniform self. I'll add an example pic to this comment shortly. Spartan gw did a pretty specific Black Hawk Down loadout recently, link - I think it's called Raid DCU, but I don't know if that's the style of uniform or the specific camo pattern. Go forth and find your answers. DCU refers to the desert combat uniform and also the three-color desert pattern. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. We've passed 2, members! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. MilSim submitted 4 months ago by airsoftmemelord. Want to add to the discussion?

Black hawk down uniforms

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Jump to Interesting Uniform Note - Just wanted to point out an interesting observation about the uniforms worn by the Rangers; this is one of the few films  ‎Additional Notes/Trivia · ‎Discussion · ‎Mistake? · ‎Discussion about the. Sep 10, - Black Hawk down Delta Squad loadout help - posted in Uniforms, Military Gear, BDUs: Ok so far I got the helmet,goggles,bdu, knee pads,  Black Hawk Down Delta Squad loadout? Nov 2, - I just finished watching one of my favorite war films, Black Hawk Down. I took into thought, what DCU's were worn during this time? Was the.

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