Beyonce boob flash on stage

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#1 Beyonce boob flash on stage

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Beyonce boob flash on stage

The singer had to grasp on to her costume for dear life at one point in her high-energy routine. Beyonce struggled with an awkward wardrobe malfunction during her booh Coachella performance as she desperately tried to stop her boob from popping out. The singer could be seen grappling with her sparkly camouflage leotard as she welcomed the other members of Destiny's Child up on stage to sing a medley of their old hits. As she, Beyonce boob flash on stage Williams and Kelly Rowland danced to Soldier and Independent Women, Beyonce's hand kept straying to her left shoulder to check she wasn't exposing herself. At one point the Formation star had to clutch on to her whole boob to stop it from flashing Beyyonce audience, and Morocco picture sex she remained a true pro throughout the high-energy stabe, she couldn't help but look a little worried as she glanced down. That wasn't the only costume issue Bey had to content with, as eagle-eyed fans also noticed one of her thigh-high boots had slipped down to her knee while the band were dancing around the stage. It wasn't long before the other boot lost its grip on Beyonce boob flash on stage thigh and crumpled down to match its sister. Kelly's matching boot also fell down, but there wasn't anything they could do about it in front of millions of fans watching in the desert and at home on the Coachella live-stream. Earlier in the show, Bey had surprised everyone with a whole host of special guests - including her Vaginal threesome movies anticipated Destiny's Child bandmates as they performed together for the first time since the Super Bowl. Bey, who was forced to turn down the desert festival last year when she was pregnant with twins Rumi and...

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I watched the last half of Beyonce's historic Coachella performance literally holding my breath, partly because it was the kind of performance that takes your breath away and partly because I was worried that her boob was going to come out. Beysus had to hold her hand over her chest as she danced to "Single Ladies" to keep from having a nip-slip. Obviously she was giving her all to the performance and there were no breaks in the last segment where she could go backstage or get a peek at what was going on back there. All she likely knew was that there was a rip somewhere and she went into cautionary mode. Not only that, her thigh-high boots fell down on the job and turned into Kelly Rowland was wearing the same boots during the Destiny's Child segment and they fell down on her, too. The Virgo in her is furious inside. The wardrobe malfunctions first began during the Destiny's Child segment, while the trio was transitioning from "Say My Name" to "Soldier. You could see her tugging the tank top right before singing, "We like them boys up top from the BK" and putting her hands up in a triangle. Her outfit was compromised at the exact moment before her two most rigorous dance songs: Having a wardrobe malfunction and not being able to give her all to the dance moves must have made her see red, but she couldn't show it. And she didn't — because she's a goddamn professional. Bey was so scared of a wardrobe malfunction it got in the way of the motherfucking Single Ladies dance. As if we deserve to see her tits. I can only imagine the horror with which Rousteing watched the final leg of Bey's Coachella performance. Like what am...

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Bernstein glitter and be gay

Know why Beyonce is Beyonce? Because Beyonce knows how to do wardrobe malfunctions like a professional. This weekend she joined husband Jay Z on stage for the live Global Citizens Concert in a plunging lace blouse with high-waisted pants. Early into her performance after Bey gave a little shimmy with some hops, that blouse decided to stop doing its job. But that didn't cause Queen Bey to quit. Watch how she recovers when her blouse goes AWOL. Carter was wearing a good bra, or this would be a very different story! Here she is, realizing what just happened. They won't suspect a thing! A split second later, all is forgotten as Beyonce clutches her bosom out of passion also to hold her blouse together but shhh! Somehow, and this is the truly magical thing, she manages to re-tuck what came undone, and in no time she's back to dancing, hair-flipping, and singing like nothing ever happened. That's the kind of seasoned performer Beyonce is, and of course just about any other pop star would do the same. But what I really liked was that she was prepared for this wardrobe malfunction. If she'd been busy "pushing boundaries" like some other pop stars and had gone on stage braless, we would have seen a whole lot more, and it might have taken her longer to recover. There's probably a good reason why Bey was able to do all that dancing in those teeny-tiny bodysuits in her On the Run tour. So I've learned an important lesson here. If you're going to wear something daring , and you're not planning to stand around like a statue, make certain you've got adequate wardrobe support. Prepare for the worst and you'll be a lot more relaxed in your sexy low-cut blouse or high-cut skirt....

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Beyonce boob flash on stage

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Apr 15, - Beyonce almost flashes her boobs at Coachella leotard as she welcomed the other members of Destiny's Child up on stage to sing a medley. Watch the video of Beyonce accidentally exposed her breasts during a concert in Toronto, Canada last week. Watch Beyonce suffers major wardrobe malfunction: Boobs pop out by NYOOOZ TV on Dailymotion here.

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