Atlanta membership adult bars

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#1 Atlanta membership adult bars

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Atlanta membership adult bars

Atlanta membership adult bars fortunes of East Atlanta Village have waxed and waned in recent years, from fairytale of urban renewal to dark fable of Latin name for antimony gentrification. The Argosy, a bold and appealing gastropub that premiered last February in a former flea market, experienced its own fits and starts before conjuring some of the neighbourhood's old mojo. Named after a merchant ship, the massive den swims in dark-wood everything. It's become an amusing, casual hangout for the neighbourhood, known for the extensive beer selection and a perfect spot for killing a pint or two while observing hipster mating rituals. Former-seminarian-turned-folk-artist Grant Henry took a leap of faith inopening a cheeky ping-pong parlour in a half-empty stretch of Edgewood Avenue. He doubled down on the gamble by covering the exposed brick walls with irreverent Jesus paintings credited to his alter-ego, Sister Louisa. The kitschy sanctuary of sin quickly acquired a zealous congregation of inked urbanites, scruffy grad students, aging scene queens and, eventually, incognito celebrities. On Wednesdays, the faithful don choir robes for Church Organ Karaoke, while epic table-tennis showdowns occur nightly. Sister Louisa's has assisted in at least one irrefutable miracle: Open Sun 5pm-midnight, Mon-Sat 5pm-3am. Serving as a counterbalance to Sister Louisa's tacky exuberance across the street, the Sound Table takes understated sophistication to extremes. The Scandinavian minimalism of the interior blond-wood banquettes, clutter-free walls suggests a chilled, worldly vibe that might border on cold, were it not for the gracious staff — or the dancefloor that's dependably packed neck-to-elbow. Before the midnight revelry, the Sound Table serves stylish cocktails and small plates inspired by "international street food". A rotating cast of DJs keep the beats fresh and unpredictable, ranging from soulful funk 45s and Afro house to experimental electronic dance music — an aural...

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Atlanta membership adult bars

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