Asian tsunami victims images

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#1 Asian tsunami victims images

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Asian tsunami victims images

More than a week after a deadly tsunami strick Southeast Asia, the task of finding, identifying and burying the dead continues. The bodies of some victims will never be found, while many others that are recovered could take Asian tsunami victims images to identify through DNA and dental records, officials said. Idris, left, a year-old Acehnese man who works in construction, covers his face as he and relatives examine bodies in a search for his missing wife, three children and sister, in the center of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, Jan. Idris, who works outside Banda Aceh, has searched in vain at all known refugee centers around the city and is still looking to find his family more than week after a devastating tidal wave. Bodies of the victims of Asian tsunami victims images tidal wave float in a river in the center of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Jan. Indonesian police carry the body of a victim of last week's tidal wave, which struck the north-western Indonesian island of Sumatra, from the rubble in Banda Aceh, Jan. More bodies are being found as soldiers and rescuers conduct a massive cleanup of the city. Workers, searching for bodies remaining unburied after Sunday's tsunami, place wood over a body before cremation in Mullaitivu in the rebel-controlled northern part of Sri Lanka, Dec. Relatives of tsunami victims cry near their bodies at a school in Tamil Tiger-controlled town of Mulathive, about miles northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dec. Rescue workers disinfect bodies, while forensic teams do DNA testing, background, at a makeshift morgue set up at a Buddhist temple in Takuapa in southern Thailand on Dec. A Thai forensic worker takes a sample for a DNA test to identify one of the hundreds of bodies at a makeshift morgue set up at a Buddhist temple...

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On December 26th at Anyone who saw the videos of that terrible day will never forget them. The sheer power and volume of water and debris coming ashore and crushing everything in it's way was frightening and spectacular. The images in this series show you the devastation right after the tsunami hit, but also what things are like now, 10 years later. A combination of satellite images shows the coast of Meulaboh in Aceh province on Indonesia's Sumatra island on May 18, L and on January 7, after the Indian Ocean tsunami. At least , people were killed in the December 26, earthquake and tsunami -- , in Indonesia, more than 30, in Sri Lanka, 15, in India and more than 5, in Thailand. A combination photo shows TOP a woman wandering around the rubble in the commercial center of the town of Galle, southern Sri Lanka, on January 30, after it was flattened by the Dec 26 tsunami, and BOTTOM a boy running with a ball in outside of a soccer field in Galle October 6, Combination photo shows top damaged buses piled up in a town square in Galle, Sri Lanka December 27, and bottom a general view of the bus station in Galle, south of Colombo Octiber 6, A combination photo shows top an Acehnese man walking on debris from the aftermath of the tsunami in the provincial Indonesian capital of Banda Aceh January 4, , and bottom an Acehnese man walking in the same area in Banda Aceh, December 3, Though confusion sometimes reigned among many aid groups with varying agendas, they built more than , homes, 1, schools, government buildings, 36 airports and seaports, 3, houses of worship, bridges and 3, km of road, according to Indonesian reconstruction agency BRR data....

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Asian tsunami victims images

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Dec 26, - A combination of satellite images shows the coast of Meulaboh in Aceh Indonesian soldiers remove the body of a tsunami victim near a. Thai police opened a shipping container filled with documents and possessions of victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Dec 23, - Before tsunami-like storm surges hit Eastern Visayas during the of the tsunami's 10th anniversary, is posting these pictures as a way 27, file photo, a young tsunami victim's father cries as he holds the.

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