Asian tsunami pictures of the wave

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#1 Asian tsunami pictures of the wave

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Asian tsunami pictures of the wave

An Indian woman mourns the death of her relative L who was killed in tsunami on Sunday in Cuddalore, some km miles south of the southern Indian city of Madras in this December 28, file photo. In this January 30, file photo, the Rahmatullah Lampuuk Mosque stands intact after the tsunami hit the area in Lhoknga, near Striped long sleeve leotard Aceh, Indonesia. When the powerful tsunami smashed into this Indonesian city ten years Asian tsunami pictures of the wave, the only structures left standing in many neighborhoods were mosques. In this Saturday Jan. The tsunami that struck on Dec. It followed a magnitude 9. Associated Press journalists who covered the story recall some of the most poignant images from the disaster. In this December 30, file photo, Hassan Fayez, center, speaks with one of his two surviving relatives, in what used to be his home as he holds a family album after losing 35 family members including his wife who was to deliver Tiffany taylor bj first born son but died during the tsunami which hit the coastal town of Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka. Tsnuamipeople were killed in the Indian Ocean tsunami set off by a magnitude 9. Scores of Associated Press pictuges covered the disaster, and as the 10th anniversary approached, the AP asked some of them to gsunami the images that have stuck with them the most. In this December 30, file photo, bodies of tsunami victims who died recently lie on the pavement at an overcrowded hospital in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, Indonesia. Friday marks the 10th anniversary of one of the deadliest natural disasters in world history: Countries from Indonesia to India to Africa's east coast were hit, leaving shocking scenes of death Asian tsunami pictures of the wave destruction. In this...

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More than a week after a deadly tsunami strick Southeast Asia, the task of finding, identifying and burying the dead continues. The bodies of some victims will never be found, while many others that are recovered could take months to identify through DNA and dental records, officials said. Idris, left, a year-old Acehnese man who works in construction, covers his face as he and relatives examine bodies in a search for his missing wife, three children and sister, in the center of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, Jan. Idris, who works outside Banda Aceh, has searched in vain at all known refugee centers around the city and is still looking to find his family more than week after a devastating tidal wave. Bodies of the victims of the tidal wave float in a river in the center of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Jan. Indonesian police carry the body of a victim of last week's tidal wave, which struck the north-western Indonesian island of Sumatra, from the rubble in Banda Aceh, Jan. More bodies are being found as soldiers and rescuers conduct a massive cleanup of the city. Workers, searching for bodies remaining unburied after Sunday's tsunami, place wood over a body before cremation in Mullaitivu in the rebel-controlled northern part of Sri Lanka, Dec. Relatives of tsunami victims cry near their bodies at a school in Tamil Tiger-controlled town of Mulathive, about miles northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dec. Rescue workers disinfect bodies, while forensic teams do DNA testing, background, at a makeshift morgue set up at a Buddhist temple in Takuapa in southern Thailand on Dec. A Thai forensic worker takes a sample for a DNA test to identify one of the hundreds of bodies at a makeshift morgue set up at a Buddhist temple in Takuapa in southern Thailand on...

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Survivors, local residents and visitors release paper lanterns during a ceremony for victims of tsunami in Ban Nam Khem, Thailand, a southern fishing village destroyed by the wave, December 26, Survivors of Asia's tsunami and relatives of its , victims gathered along shorelines of the Indian Ocean on Friday for prayers and memorial services to mark the 10th anniversary of a disaster that still leaves an indelible mark on the region. Acehnese people sow flowers as they pray at mass grave to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Dec. Aceh was the worst hit location, and the closest major city to the epicenter of the 9. Around , people in the region died. Throughout the affected region of eleven countries, nearly , people were killed, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. Ban Nam Khem, a small fishing village on Thailand's Andaman Sea coast and home to a large migrant workers' community, lost nearly half of its population of 5, in the tsunami. Syarifah lost all of her family and now lives alone. In this village of around 4, only people survived the tsunami. Tsunami survivor Sanusi, 55, and his wife Hasrati, 43, sit inside their house with their daughter in the village of Lamtutui village in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. A group of fishermen prepare their boat and nets for fishing on the coastline in Lamtutui village in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. A fisherman and tsunami survivor named Ilyas smokes on the coastline in Lamtutui village in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Dec. Fishermen collect fish caught in their net on the coastline in Lamtutui village on December 25, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Aceh was the worst hit location, being the closest major city to the epicentre of the 9. Ban...

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Asian tsunami pictures of the wave

See photos of the destructive power of a tsunami—a giant wave caused by undersea earthquakes that can wipe out anything that didn't make it to higher ground. Dec 29, - Five years ago, on Boxing Day, December 26th, , a magnitude waves of seawater to rush ashore as devastating tsunamis that left. Dec 26, - Asian 26/11/ Tsunami December 26, | See more ideas about Tsunami waves, Asia and Nature.

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