Asian gastric cancer rates

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#1 Asian gastric cancer rates

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Asian gastric cancer rates

Stomach cancer is often considered a relatively rare cancer that affects predominantly older people. Stomach cancer, or gastric cancer, is much more common among that community and tends to affect younger people. In fact, gastric cancer is twice as common among Asians and Pacific Islanders Asian gastric cancer rates Los Angeles County Asian gastric cancer rates it is among Asian gastric cancer rates nationwide. However, such screening is less Weezy and juelz blow in the United States, having never become as standard as preventive mammograms, colonoscopies and Pap smears. Insurance will often cover an endoscopy only if a patient shows additional risk factors, such as infection with Helicobacter pylorior H. This neutralizes the acidity of the stomach, making it a more welcoming environment for the bacterium. Further, the spiral shape of the bacterium allows it to burrow through the mucus layer and attach to the cells lining the inner surface of the stomach. Southern California resident Donna An was diagnosed with stomach cancer at age Several years before, she had suffered from soreness in her stomach and was diagnosed with H. Although similar symptoms later recurred, she didn't see a doctor right away and eventually was diagnosed with stomach cancer. After her diagnosis, she sought treatment at City of Hope, undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. But get it done right away. More screening is needed, Kim said, as is greater awareness of the risk within the Asian community. Asian community, Gastroenterology, Joseph Kim, cancer, cancer prevention, diseases and conditions, endoscopy, gastrointestinal cancer, h pylori, helicobacter pylori, preventive care, stomach cancer. Patient CareResearch. About City Tags real life teens lessons Hope. Diabetes Metabolism Research Institute. Corporate and Foundation Giving. Asian community at greater risk from stomach cancer; H. Infection with Helicobacter pylori is a common precursor to gastric cancer,...

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Our objective was to compare the stomach cancer incidence rates of Asian Americans in Los Angeles with those of native Asians to assess the etiology of stomach cancer from to Using the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents database, stomach cancer incidence rates were examined. Between native countries, the incidence rates in Japan, China, the Philippines, and the US declined over time, but the incidence in Korea has remained constant. The incidences among Asian immigrants were lower than those among native Asians. The incidence rates of males were approximately 2 times higher than those among females in Asian countries were. The effect of immigration on stomach cancer incidence suggests that lifestyle factors are a significant determinant of stomach cancer risk. However, the incidence in Korea remains the highest of these countries. Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world and approximately one million new cases were reported in [ 1 ]. Likewise, high stomach cancer incidence remains a major public health problem in Japan despite efforts to create early detection screening programs [ 3 ]. In contrast, the US has one of the lowest incidence rates of stomach cancer; stomach cancer is not one of the top 15 most common cancers [ 4 , 5 ]. Based on recent reports, the stomach cancer incidence rate in Korea was The US is a heterogeneous country with many immigrants, and approximately The state of California has the largest Asian population of any of the US states. In particular, Chinese Americans comprise most of the Asian population in California 4. Owing to this racially diverse population, the state of California makes special efforts to collect data on the cancer incidence rates of each specific ethnic group. These data exist specifically for those living in Los Angeles. Since stomach...

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For example, the numbers of this cancer, also called gastric cancer, are so high in Japan and South Korea that both countries have national screening programmes for those aged 50 and 40 years and above respectively. Wahid said that Chinese have a three-to-four-times higher risk of developing stomach cancer compared to Malays, who have the lowest risk of developing this cancer. Some of the risk factors for stomach cancer include a diet high in salted and pickled foods, as well as processed meats. Others are being male, smoking, a diet low in fibre, and having a family history of stomach cancer, which may include certain rare inherited conditions like hereditary diffuse gastric cancer and familial adenomatous polyposis. While the risk of stomach cancer increases once a person hits their 50s, Dr Ibrahim observed that Malaysians can be affected at a younger age. What makes it worse is that these patients usually only consult the doctor during the later stages of their disease. According to the Malaysian National Cancer Registry Report , three-quarters of patients are diagnosed when they are already in stages 3 and 4 of the disease when the cancer has already spread beyond the stomach. The problem is this pain can be easily mistaken for gastritis, also colloquially known as "gastric". Other symptoms include unexplained weight loss; poor appetite; early satiety, where you feel full very quickly after eating only a little; discomfort when eating; and dark or black-coloured stool, which indicates bleeding from the stomach. What usually brings patients in, according to Dr Ibrahim, is severe abdominal pain; fatigue and paleness due to their low haemoglobin levels; loss of appetite; severe unexplained weight loss; and black stool. The good news, however, is that stomach cancer does not occur very often in our country, with less than five...

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The incidence of gastric cancer in Japan is four times higher than in the UK. It usually arises in a stomach with corpus predominant or pangastritis that has undergone extensive atrophy and intestinal metaplasia. We hypothesised that a Japanese population would have a more severe gastritis with a corpus predominant or pangastritis pattern and a greater degree of atrophy and intestinal metaplasia than that found in the UK. To test this we designed a comparative trial. A total of age matched consecutive patients were recruited from the endoscopy services in Leeds and Tokyo. All had epigastric discomfort as their predominant symptom. Patients with peptic ulcer, cancer, and oesophagitis were excluded. Five gastric biopsies were examined by two histopathologists using the updated Sydney system. Helicobacter pylori infection was assessed by histology and culture of biopsies and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblot of plasma. In Japanese as opposed to English patients, gastritis is more prevalent and severe with more corpus predominant atrophy and intestinal metaplasia. These differences may partially explain the higher incidence of gastric cancer in Japan. The incidence of gastric cancer varies throughout the world. It is four times more common in Japan than in the UK and occurs at a younger age. The Correa hypothesis postulates a progression from chronic gastritis to gastric atrophy and intestinal metaplasia IM , leading to dysplasia and finally cancer. Intestinal cancer is commoner and is associated with atrophy and IM while diffuse cancer tends to arise in areas of active inflammation. Both are strongly associated with H pylori infection. The severity and histological appearances of the gastritis are therefore relevant but the pattern of the gastritis seems to be even more important. Patients with a corpus predominant or pangastritis gastritis affecting the corpus more than the antrum or affecting both equally have...

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GC is the second leading cause of cancer death in both sexes worldwide. In Asia, GC is the third most common cancer after breast and lung and is the second most common cause of cancer death after lung cancer. Although the incidence and mortality rates are slowly declining in many countries of Asia, GC still remains a significant public health problem. The incidence and mortality varies according to the geographic area in Asia. These variations are closely related to the prevalence of GC risk factors; especially Helicobacter pylori H. The gradual and consistent improvements in socioeconomic conditions in Asia have lowered the H. However, GC remains a significant public health and an economic burden in Asia. There has been no recent systemic review of GC incidence, mortality, and H. The aim of this report is to review the GC incidence, mortality, and linkage to H. Gastric cancer GC is the third most common cancer and the second most common cause of cancer death in Asia. Highest incidence rates are observed in Eastern Asia and varies in other parts of Asia. Mortality rates are slowly declining but remain a significant public health problem. The seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori is very closely related to the incidence of GC in Asia. In contrast to Western world, management of GC is focused on prevention and early detection in Eastern Asia. Gastric cancer GC is a heterogeneous, multi factorial disease. It endangers human physical and psycho-social wellbeing, causing a significant public health and economic burden both in the developed and developing countries[ 1 , 2 ]. The incidence and mortality vary widely according to geographic areas, socio-cultural and economic entities. GLOBOCAN data revealed that about one million new cases of GC were estimated to have diagnosed in , making it the fourth most common malignancy...

Asian gastric cancer rates

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Besides, the age-standardized rate (ASR) of incidence for Asia in (according to The mortality and incidence of Gastric cancer in the world, according to. Rates of new cases of stomach cancer are more than four times higher in Asia compared with Africa. The rate in Eastern Asia was per , (China. Jan 21, - Stomach cancer is roughly twice as common among the Asian community as among Breakthroughs - Cancer death rate declined - x

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