Army regulation sexual positions

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#1 Army regulation sexual positions

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Army regulation sexual positions

Email this page to someone! This topic comprises 2 pages: I distinctly sexjal wanting to ask, "But what if you just want to use the toy on yourself, by yourself? I was 28 when I went through BCT Lizzy I Saw Three Shipments. Originally posted by NobbyNobbs: Originally posted by snopes: Are their superiors the ones involved?! To whomever homosexuality is not acceptable, I assume. My hubby in the AF also told me this one. He made it sound like it's also a "don't ask, don't tell" type Army regulation sexual positions thing. I'm like a fireball. The DI did say that missionary position with your wife all male BCT Company was the only acceptable position and that we would be prosecuted under the UCMJ for doing sexula different. No graphic training aids were used however. Mnot - and at that moment I realized BCT would not be a mental challange - r2 Infinite goodness is creating a being you know, Army regulation sexual positions advance, is Army regulation sexual positions to complain. Captain Billy Cutshaw Posts: Originally posted by mnotr2: At Basic Training in '85 Ft. But Sqeeze em til they pop sex image of Bush as some sort of Snidely Whiplash tying the fair maiden to the railroad tracks is beyond the pale. Back in the ooold days when I Army regulation sexual positions in the Marines the letters stood for Advanced Infantry Training, and followed immediately after boot camp for all enlisted men, no matter sxual your MOS was. Miles Invictus Deck the Malls. Army regulation sexual positions, it's what the Army calls MOS training. As long as it's vaginal-penile intercourse, it's legal, regardless of position. There you have it. I've got this magic 8-ball. Baggins Deck the Malls. Originally posted by DawnStorm: Remember, people that...

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I have 3 questions and have ased many for the answers but no one has concrete proof as in writing. Where is this written? Thank you for your time, any help is greatly appreciated in tracking down this info. Sodomy would most often be classified as anything other than missionary position. I don't believe it's often enforced. The article is described on this page I'm still looking for your other references. The thing about being under a car port or I have some kind of cover over my head counts is false. The regulation is clear. If you are outdoors, you will wear you headgear unless one of the those situations listed is occurring. We sometimes as soldiers use that as an excuse not to wear our headgear, but it is wrong. As for your third question, I can find no regulation covering parking spaces. However if you call the MP's and ask their policy, they should be able to answer to that question. More than likely it's up to the post commander. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. Add any of the following as applicable 2 That the act was done with a child under the age of And why the hell the Army feels it needs to regulate it for that matter is beyond me. It simply says Soldiers will wear headgear with the Army uniform, except under the following circumstances. It does not specify anything about being outside. Soldiers will wear headgear with the Army uniform, except under the following circumstances: The wear of military headgear is not required while in or on a privately owned vehicle to include a motorcycle, bicycle, or convertible automobile , a commercial vehicle, or on public conveyance such as a subway, train, plane, or bus. Soldiers are...

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Army regulation sexual positions

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Jun 7, - o Provides policy guidance on the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and . Training for civilian duty positions in the military EO Program at. Feb 15, - Violations of law or other USAREC or Army regulations may result in adverse adminis- . Involves an actual or apparent improper use of rank or position for Sexual harassment is also prohibited by AR and in-. lecture during Army Basic Combat Training (): the UCMJ, "Only the missionary position is the acceptable sexual position for members of.

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