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#1 All the transformers toys

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All the transformers toys

Dark of the Moon toyline coincides with the third film in Michael Bay 's live-action film series. The line is divided into three brandings: The figures also come in 3 transformation difficulty levelschanged from the original 5 in the Generations and Transformers toylines. Due to a combination of factors, a number of named characters from the film did Hot low cut pants receive "mainline" toy releases, an issue noted by many frustrated All the transformers toys. Examples include Deluxe Que and Soundwave never seeing a North American release apparently an issue with retail orders trajsformers, Dino not receiving a transformable toy tye all until due to lack of licensing for his vehicle modeand only one of the three Dreads receiving a Tpys sized toy likely due to Hasbro not wanting to release three identical black SUVs, even if they do turn into different-looking robots. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. The MechTech weapon campaign started on May 14handed out All the transformers toys various Japanese retailers based upon the amount spent purchasing Dark of the Moon toys. Exclusive to All the transformers toys Japanese convenience store chain Lawson, this black redeco of the Transformers toyline Voyager class Optimus Prime was made available for pre-order with the pre-purchase of a movie ticket for the Japanese release of Dark of the Moon. The package was priced at yen yen for the price of the movie ticket and yen for the toy. Also available transfogmers Lawson, this metal strap was available for pre-order between May 1 and June 30and was mailed out from July Exclusive to Japanese Toys "R" Us stores, this smoke-clear, black and teal redeco of the Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Optimus Prime Jennifer aniston breast implant was made available on August 12, with

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The Transformers also now known as " Generation 1 " or " G1 " for short, though the line was never branded as such started as a joint venture between Hasbro of America and Takara of Japan. After an idea to rebrand and sell Takara's Diaclone and Microchange robot toys as a whole new line with a new concept behind it developed by Hasbro's partners at Marvel Comics , Hasbro ultimately created what would be one of the longest-running and most popular franchises for both companies. Starting in , the line ran for seven years in America, eight in Europe and Japan though Takara would break the line up into multiple sub-franchises. Having run for seven years, the line changed dramatically over its lifetime, going from pre-made items to all-new designs and greater focus on gimmicks beyond simply transforming. Thus, the more descriptive bits will be tackled year-by-year The original Transformers came out in a very different toy environment than what exists today, and at a time when the market was venturing out from the slow-paced s into undiscovered country. First of all, the market itself was simply broader. There were a lot more retailers out there, both national and regional, muscling for market share, and virtually all had a sizable toy department. Sears and Kmart were the biggest retailers in the United States; Walmart and Target were just regional players poised to go nationwide. Even grocery stores and drug stores devoted a significant amount of space to toys year-round, and not just the cheap stuff! The idea that you could buy anything via computer, much less toys, was a novelty at best. No, you had to get out there and shop - or use a big printed mail-order catalog like the old Sears "Wish Book". On top of that,...

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Takara had two lines of toys, Diaclone and Microchange , and Hasbro hired Marvel Comics to come up with a way to combine both lines of toys into one cohesive concept. The concept became Transformers , which launched an iconic animated TV series to go along with the toy line and a Marvel comic book, of course. The rest is, as they say, history. When the Transformers line of toys exploded in popularity, Hasbro was in a bit of a bind. Since they were just licensing these toys from Takara, there was a limit to how many toys that they could produce. The market was demanding more Transformers toys but they could only sell what Takara had for them to license. Therefore, they then came up with a clever idea — transforming robots were huge in Japan in the late s and early s, so Takara was not the only game in town. Omega Supreme is a large guardian robot who transforms into a base with a rocket and a cannon. Since this character was not available in Japan, he is a bit more collectible than most. The Stunticons were members of the evil Deceptions who all represented stunt-driving cars. They would then merge together to form the mighty Menasor. Motormaster was basically an evil version of Optimus Prime. Really, when you see the figures all combined into Menasor, it seriously looks like Optimus Prime wearing a bunch of little robots around him. This is an instance, though, where technical value is outstripped by collectibility. Motormaster might have gone for more money at auction than some of the other figures, but a lot more of them are sold, as more people are looking to collect them. A perfect example of what we were referring to vis a vis collectibility vs....

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Takara - G1 - The Headmasters. Takara - G1 - Return of Convoy. Takara - G1 - Operation Combination. Takara - Collector's Edition G1. TF Vintage Walmart exclusive. Takara - Transformers Movie The Best. G1 - Takara - G1 - Takara - G1 - The Headmasters Takara - G1 - Masterforce Takara - G1 - Victory Takara - G1 - Zone Takara - G1 - Return of Convoy Takara - G1 - Operation Combination G2 - Timelines - Beast Wars - Takara - Beast Wars II Takara - Beast Wars Neo Takara - Beast Wars Metals Takara - Car Robots Beast Machines - Go-Bots - Takara - Collector's Edition G1 - Armada - TF Vintage Walmart exclusive - Other - Universe - Takara - Micron Legend - Takara - Masterpiece - Alternators - Energon - Takara - Robotmasters - Takara - Binaltech - Masterpiece - Takara - Super Link Cybertron - Crossovers - Takara - Galaxy Force Takara - Beast Wars Returns Titanium - Classics - Beast Wars 10th Takara - Kiss Players - Movie - Takara - Movie - Animated - Movie ROTF - Takara - Henkei Generations - TF Prime - Hunt for the Decepticons Power Core Combiners - Takara - Movie Revenge Takara - Animated Kre-O - Movie DOTM - Cyberverse - Rescue Bots - Takara - United Reveal The Shield Bot Shots - Takara - Generations - Construct-Bots - Platinum Edition - Takara - Legends - ...

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It spawned the Transformers media franchise. The premise behind the Transformers toyline is that an individual toy's parts can be shifted about to change it from a vehicle, a device, or an animal, to a robot action figure and back again. The Transformers toyline is typically divided into two main factions: Transformers toys are sold at a number of price points, and various Transformers series utilize unique play features. There have also been a number of spin-offs based on the toys including a comic book series , an animated television series , and a feature-length animated movie. The original series program was followed by a number of spin-offs with varying levels of popularity. A live-action film series directed by Michael Bay has produced five films, with more planned. The Transformers toyline was created from toy molds mostly produced by Japanese company Takara in the toylines Diaclone and Microman. Other toy molds from other companies such as Bandai were used as well. In , Hasbro bought the distribution rights to the molds and rebranded them as the Transformers for distribution in North America. They approached Marvel Comics to create a backstory with names and short descriptions for each character, most of which were written by Bob Budiansky. Hasbro would go on to buy the entire toy line from Takara, giving them sole ownership of the Transformers toy-line, branding rights, and copyrights, while in exchange, Takara was given the rights to produce the toys and the rights to distribute them in the Japanese market. Many Transformers come with tech specs short for technical specifications printed on the back of the box that they are sold in. The owner of the new Transformer is encouraged to cut out the tech specs and save it. This card has information on the Transformer, and will...

All the transformers toys

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Jul 4, - The Transformers (also now known as "Generation 1" or "G1" for short, Though even with all that, seven years was a long time for a toy. Oct 10, - The Transformers: Dark of the Moon toyline coincides with the third film Dino not receiving a transformable toy at all until (due to lack of. Aug 5, - Now over 30 years later, the original line of Transformers toys in the United We're ranking these figures as if they were all in the same graded.

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