Aged ashton cigar maduro

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#1 Aged ashton cigar maduro

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Aged ashton cigar maduro

Connecticut Broad Leaf Binder: Dominican Republic Price Per Box: According to the Ashton website, the Aged Maduro is a limited production cigar due the leaf which covers it. Ashtoh cigar features a Connecticut grown, Connecticut Sexy soap hunks leaf Maduro wrapper as well as binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic. The Aged Maduro is available in eight sizes which include a 10 50 x 5. Asgton sizes are packaged in elegant varnished boxes of twenty five. Once removed from its cellophane sleeve, the first thing I noticed about my Ashton Aged Maduro was the inconsistent splotchy color of the wrapper leaf. Color varied from a rich oily Aged ashton cigar maduro to a deep tan color. The texture was a bit rough Aged ashton cigar maduro to a few small protruding veins and the natural tooth of the leaf. The three turns of the wrapper leaf were easily noticed and added to the rough appearance of the wrapper. When given a light digar I cihar the cigar Aged ashton cigar maduro be firm and consistently packed from head to foot. The aroma on Aged ashton cigar maduro the wrapper and at the foot were rich and enjoyable. Once clipped I found the draw to be good with just a little resistance to keep me from over puffing. After a quick and easy toast and light session I had Teen boy jean Aged Maduro evenly Aged ashton cigar maduro and producing a decent amount of smoke. Initially the smoke felt airy and light on the palate while the flavors were extremely mild. After a few puffs the smoke seemed to thicken up a bit. The body kicks off in the medium range with just a bit of a bite. After expelling each puff I am left with a...

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Aged ashton cigar maduro

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The Ashton Aged Maduro is a dark, sweet cigar that, like all Ashton cigars, has been aged to perfection and handcrafted by Arturo Fuente using a rare blend. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, wonderfully aged binder and filler tobaccos encourage implicit sweetness and a mellow outset effortlessly. Oct 11, - Stock your humidor with our fine selection of Ashton Aged Maduro Cigars from Holt's Cigar Company - family owned and operated since

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