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#1 Ace digimon chat

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Ace digimon chat

You saw the title, you know the Ace digimon chat so let's get started. Who doesn't love dragons? Who doesn't love robots? Absolutely no one and this killing machine is both of them. Being introduced in Digimon Tamers as the partner of Ryo Akiyama who may or not be one of my favorite Ace digimon chat characters. Not to mention Ace digimon chat Goliath form is sick and the fact that it fought Baihumon is that how you spell it? Plutomon, a god of darkness and the outcast of the Olympus XII. Based off the Roman god of the dead and riches, Pluto whom is one of my favorite gods and transformed the pale Gothic immortal into an epic knight like creature. Now if you don't know me, then you wouldn't know my affinity for knights and dragons. Throw in darkness and you've got yourself a deal. Made up of the four already powerful sovereigns Fanglongmon was born a winner. Erm lets not talk about Digimon Fusion, that Ace digimon chat got everything wrong It is shown to be a godlike creature that lives within the digital world. Woah another god on this list, why am I not surprised. Surprised to see the poster mon of Digimon Fusion on this list? Well just because I mildly disliked Digimon Fusion doesn't mean I dislike our 'digimon king' too. During the first few episodes Shoutmon was a self proclaimed king and believed he could rise up to the throne on his own. But after making bonds with humans and digimon alike he earned allies to fight alongside him for the safety of the digital world. I like Shoutmon simply for how he develops throughout the story from a reckless and arrogant child to the calm and respectable king we know and love...

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History of Roleplay Fighting. Pay Homage to the Legends. Ace Digimon Nov 30, Ace Digimon Dec 1, Losers focus on winners, winners focus on winning. Ace Digimon May 15, Ace Digimon Sept 3, Ace Digimon Sept 5, Ace Digimon Sept 7, Ace Digimon Jan 9, It's been ages since I've been on any chats, but I sort of miss it. If you're from Ace, and you knew me, you most likely would've known me by the name Mysterious Wanderer. For some reason I doubt most of the people on this board remember me at all, since I never really spoke to the bigger speed fighters all that often.. Sorry for a new post in such an old topic. If I knew where everyone frequented these days, it's possible that I'd stop in from time to time. Ace Digimon Feb 20, CloakedWarriorRias King of Fighting. Ace Digimon May 4, I spent so much time in that chat room when I was younger. Anyone here migrated from the ranklist. Ace Digimon Nov 23, Ah, it looks like this place is a bit inactive, but I'm going to post anyways! I was actually sent a spam email under the name 'Alicia Char31' earlier today and it's resparked some old memories. And it looks like I've found you guys! My memory is horrible fuzzy and I can't actually remember what went on in those chatrooms. Or was that in Char's? I'm actually remembering a few usernames posted in both the Ace and Char's thread. You sound really familiar! I'm not sure if we talked or anything, but wow. Uh, now that I think about it, maybe it was around ? I was just a baby! Like, 10 years old! But, those were some of...

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Ace digimon chat

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Jan 21, - This is for a Fanfiction called The Tamer-A Digimon Adventure By leonardo You should really read it! I wouldn't give Spoilers but. Sep 3, - I'd like to share the Digimon game project I'm making with my team. We've been doing it for almost 2 months. It's made with RPG Maker VX Ace. Apr 18, - I'm your host, Ace Ryu and I'm here to present my Top 10 Favorite Being introduced in Digimon Tamers as the partner of Ryo Akiyama who.

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